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Rage Box
Rage Box
Effect(s) Makes Alice Liddell stronger
Series American McGee's Alice
How fine you look when dressed in rage. Your enemies are fortunate your condition is not permanent. And you're lucky too; red eyes suit so few.
Cheshire Cat to Alice Liddell[1]

The Rage Box is an item that Alice Liddell can use to her advantage. It will spray a red vapor that is painful to her once it is approached, and gives her an opportunity to vent her anger over the death of her family.


American McGee's Alice[]

After traveling through the Fortress of Doors, Alice noticed a podium that released her first Rage vial. The Cheshire Cat lent her some soothing words before she battled a group of Card Guards that threatened her.[1]



Alice using the Rage Box.

As it sprays Alice, she will back away in incredible pain as the rage inside of her slowly engulfs her. Her skin will turn a deep red all over and the fingers on her left hand will become more elongated and bony. Two large demonic ram horns will grow from her head and her eyes will also turn a bloody color. Her hair will become more messy and she will grow abnormal "branches" from her back giving her a demon like presence.


Rage mode

Alice entering rage.

As Alice approaches it, it will turn to her direction and spray a ghastly and painful spray of red liquid into her direction. It turns Alice into a demonic creature who is near invincible until the powers unlocked run out.

During this period, Alice can kill multiple enemies in less blows than it would normally take. It also uses slightly less Will, or sometimes no Will at all. The Vorpal Blade is a great weapon to use against weaker enemies during this period.

Cheshire Cat's words[]

  • "Time to raise some havoc! The dogs of war are loose!"


  • In the concept art, Alice's original designs were far more satanic and Gothic, rage could be the remains of this.
  • There is a hidden rage bottle during the Pale Realm level. In the castle, there is a portrait of the Cheshire Cat. If Alice runs up to it, she can unlock the powers from the portrait.
  • Rage somewhat returns in Alice: Madness Returns in the form of "Hysteria", with Alice's appearance changing drastically to limited power and extreme destruction.
  • The aforementioned Cheshire Cat quote is a reference to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar; "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war."