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Radula Room

An entrance to the Radula room.

Radula Rooms are hidden, optional rooms located throughout Wonderland. These rooms are accessed through doors that resemble large, green snail shells, which lead Alice Liddell to a type of side challenge. Successful completion of the challenge results in a paint pot, and four paint pots "paint a Rose red", giving Alice a bit more health.

There are four Radula Rooms in each of Chapters 2 through 5, which is a total of sixteen. As Alice approaches a Radula Room, the game creates a save point in case the room's challenge is too difficult. After successfully completing a challenge, the entry to the Radula Room will be sealed over and Alice will not be able to enter it again.


Inside a Radula Room

Quiz Radula Room.

There are two rooms that Alice can end up in:

  • Cheshire Cat's circular room, which resembles a scaled-down version of the Vale of Tears at night, complete with trees, flowers, large dominoes, giant marbles, and a crying Alice statue. This is where Quiz Radulas take place. After the Special Radulas have been completed, Alice is teleported to this location to receive her paint pot, regardless of what the challenge was.
  • A place that resembles a worm hole, and Alice has to run around on a tea table resembling a brown cog. The table is set with cups and a teapot and the hosts of this room, the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter, are sitting around the table observing Alice's progress. This is where the Battle and Survival challenges take place. If Alice goes into a Survival or Battle room, she will have full health regardless of how many Roses she currently has.


Quiz Radula[]

Cheshire Cat quiz

The Cheshire Cat quizzing Alice.

The Cat asks the player a question; get it right and win a paint pot. Most questions are classic riddles, some being quotes from the original American McGee's Alice, but one asks the player to solve a number sequence. The questions are multiple choice, and not very difficult. If she gets the answer wrong, she is given a different question by the Cat.

Battle Radula[]

"Kill or be killed" is self-explanatory. The player has to kill all the enemies in the area without letting Alice die. These can be difficult as enemies do not drop Roses or Teeth when they are killed.

Survival Radula[]

Radula Room Battle and Survival challenge

Battle or Survival challenge room.

"Can you survive the passage of time?" The player must not let Alice die in the set amount of time. There is no need to kill any foe in this task – just survive. It is acceptable to simply run around the table, dropping off Clockwork Bombs for distractions, until the time limit runs out. Falling off the platform will not result in a failure.

Special Radula[]

Each chapter has its own mini-game of some form or other. These are reproduced with a slight twist in the Radula. Essentially, get through the mini-game without dying, and the player wins a paint pot.


  • It is possible that the Radula Room where the quiz challenge is given by the Cheshire Cat is his home.
  • A radula is an anatomical structure that is used by molluscs for feeding. It is a toothed ribbon that is used in feeding to help scrape food into the stomach.

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