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Alice: Madness Returns London
Radcliffe's home
Radcliffe's home
Location Threadneedle Street, London
First appearance Chapter 3
Series Alice: Madness Returns

Radcliffe's home was the former residence of Wilton J. Radcliffe located on Threadneedle Street of London. The area is heavily surrounded by Asian immigrants and their culture, contributing to Alice Liddell's hallucination of the Oriental Grove.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Nan talking to Alice

Nan talking to Alice.

When Alice came back to reality, she and Nan Sharpe were on their way to Threadneedle Street after Mangled Mermaid was burned to the ground. Alice asked her nanny about her rabbit and the fire but Nan refused to explain the incident further and denied having the rabbit. However, she told Alice that the doll was in Radcliffe's possession and that she should have remembered it. Alice exclaimed that Radcliffe was useless and Nan could not help but agree with her.

Alice went to Radcliffe's house and confronted the lawyer about her rabbit. She accused him of stealing it but he dismissed her claims. After experiencing a fit, Alice woke up to find the house in disarray with barely anything left in it and there were no signs of Radcliffe and her rabbit to be found.[1]


Radcliffe's office

Radcliffe's empty office.

The house is a three-story building previously filled with mementos of the East and was well-furnished. Various samurai swords, Ming vases, and Japanese paintings decorated every corner and room. Another office is found in the first floor of the building.[1]

After Alice woke up from a fit, the house became empty. Radcliffe abandoned his home and took all his belongings with him. There were dusts, stains, and even the smell of tobacco in the place. His front door was also barricaded to prevent informal settlers from entering.[2]


  • After Alice confronted Radcliffe, the house shifted into a dilapidated, abandoned wreck. It is unclear if this was simply a hallucination – since Alice walked out of the house, London transformed into the Vale of Doom – or a legitimate view of Radcliffe's current situation.
  • While the building itself showed three floors, only two floors were accessible to Alice.
  • Threadneedle Street is the site of the Bank of England, the central bank for the United Kingdom, as well as the former site of the London Stock Exchange, making it a fitting home for one as focused on wealth as Radcliffe.


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