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Red Queen outlineThis article is about the residential domain of the Queen of Hearts.
For the garden-esque domain in
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Location Eastern hemisphere
First appearance * Royal Rage [AMA]
  • Chapter 4 [AMR]
Dress gained Royal Suit
Series * American McGee's Alice
  • Alice: Madness Returns
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Queensland map
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AMR Transcript
The Train must be stopped. But there's more to do. Your view conceals a tragedy. The whole truth you claim to see eludes you because you won't look at what's around you!
— The Queen of Hearts to Alice[1]

Queensland was a province of Wonderland. It included a large castle and the grounds that surround it, all of which was heavily guarded by Card Guards. It was the main domain of the Queen of Hearts, and can be considered the capital of Wonderland, as it was home to the governing monarchy.


American McGee's Alice[]

Ascension - Queen's Castle

The Queen's castle exterior.

After passing through Queen of Hearts Land, Queensland had become more and more tainted since the last time Alice visited. There were repulsive appendages, mainly tentacles, protruding from every organic wall in the place, and apparently other areas seemed to contain body parts, as if Alice was traveling through the Queen of Hearts' own body.

Alice found herself in Queensland after traveling through the Queen's garden, and was greeted with the half-missing face of the Jabberwock, now full of pure anger and hatred for Alice as she took his eye for her staff. She fought and inevitably defeated him, but Gryphon lost his life.[2] She then traveled through a series of long paths, eventually finding the Queen's residence, and the Queen herself for battle.[3]

Alice: Madness Returns[]

Alice returns to Queensland

Alice returns to Queensland.

One year later, Alice returned to Queensland, following Caterpillar's advice to speak to the Queen of Hearts about the Infernal Train, which was corrupting Wonderland once more.[4]

Although the Queen had returned, she was far less powerful than she once was, and Queensland had become a ruin: the stone structure of the castle was crumbling down, and the organic tentacles and plant life had died and dried up.

When Alice arrived at the gates of the castle, the Cat asked her if she was "admiring her handiwork" which resulted from her "crime," referring to the death of the Queen by her own hand. However, Alice reminded him that he had told her that she had to kill the Queen in order to save everyone, and that the Queen had not been very nice to him last time, beheading him because of his attempt to help Alice. However, the Cat brushed her comments off, and told the girl to speak to the Queen, or what was left of her.

Further on, Alice found that the Red and White chess pieces had been defeated by the Queen's minions, and the White King had been dismembered and was now being used to block the way in. The King warned Alice of the Executioner, a large Card Guard that could not be killed, before allowing her to destroy him so she could get inside.[5]

Alice stomping

Giant Alice stomping her enemies.

While trying to find the Queen, Alice was set upon by undead Card Guards and hunted by the Executioner. After escaping the beast's blade a number of times,[6][7] Alice made her way into the maze in the garden,[8] and while running from the Executioner once more, she found an Eat Me cake in the maze center.

Taking a bite of the cake made Alice gigantic, and she used her size to crush the Executioner once and for all, and to tear her way through to the castle's center, where she drank a fountain of Drink Me potion to shrink down again to fit inside.[9]

Deep inside the fortress, new organic materials and tentacles had started to form, where the Queen had attempted to regain her control of Queensland. In the throne room, the Queen raged over Alice's actions: while the girl once forcefully stopped the Queen from taking control of both their lives, she had now allowed another to give her orders.

Queen of Hearts ready to eat Alice

The Queen going to consume Alice.

She told Alice that the train was destroying all evidence of Alice's past, especially of the fire, and asked Alice to think of someone who could gain something from her madness. Hearing this, Alice tried to convince herself that she was sane as she was not the one who started the fire after all, and she could still stop the train.

The Queen then trapped Alice in her tentacles and told her that Alice's quest for her own personal truth was blinding her to the reality of what was actually happening around her, before consuming her.[1]


American McGee's Alice[]

An area in Queensland

One of the areas in Queensland.

Queensland was ridden with the oozing and disgusting appendages that leaked from the body of the Queen of Hearts. The buildings were intact and had a strong structure. The walls were mostly covered in intestines or flesh and the Queen's tentacles. Bones often acted as pillars or pathways and at times part of a building's external look.

All structures in Queensland had apparent motifs with regards to the Queen of Hearts. The areas mostly had Card Guards to prevent Alice from reaching the Queen's lair.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

Dark of Heartness chamber

A chamber in the palace covered in flesh.

Queensland was now a broken kingdom of stone walls, clasped together by the corrupt tentacles that spilled from the body of its Queen. Although a large, unsettling kingdom, the residents were a little more than guards bred to protect their Queen.

There were also some Ruin enemies, however, the Queen appeared to have taken control in some of these Ruin – a sign that the Dollmaker and the Queen of Hearts were at large war with each other. The more Alice proceeded throughout the domain, the more the area was constructed by the protruding appendages the Queen had developed.

Some had even reformed into large fleshy mounds that clasped against most areas of certain walls and floors. When Alice met the Queen in the throne room, the entire area, including the throne that she rested on was clasped by herself.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice: Madness Returns[]

  • Heart Palace
  • Majestic Maze
  • Heart of Darkness

Residents and creatures[]

American McGee's Alice[]

  • Card Guards
  • Queen of Hearts

Alice: Madness Returns[]


  • Queensland is also the name of the Northern East State of Australia. However, it is unlikely that the in-game location was named after the real life state. It is more likely a homonym of the phrase "Queen's Land," referring to the domain's ruler (Land of the Queen).
  • In American McGee's Alice, the fact that the castle is "alive" also seems to carry on strong hints to Alice telling her about what she is dealing with and what the Queen of Heart's true nature in Wonderland is; that she is the darkness inside Alice's own heart and is the very incarnation of her insanity.
Razputin's skeleton

Razputin's skeleton from Psychonauts.

  • Remains of Razputin Aquato, the protagonist of Psychonauts, is found on a chair in a secret cavern after being chased the first time by the Executioner.[6]
  • Both the Queen of Hearts Land and Queensland were collectively known as the Queen's Keep in the Wonderland map of the old EA website as both the Queen of Hearts' garden and palace were present in this area.[10]
  • Some of the Insidious Ruin in this area are pink rather than black. This is possibly because the Queen of Hearts, rather than the Dollmaker, is controlling them.
  • American McGee's favorite part of Alice: Madness Returns is the return to Queensland.[11]


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