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Red Queen outlineThis article is about the garden-esque domain of the Queen of Hearts in American McGee's Alice.
For the residential domain, see Queensland.
Red Queen outline
Queen of Hearts Land
Majestic Maze - Portal
Location Eastern hemisphere
First appearance Majestic Maze
Series American McGee's Alice
Location on map
Queen of Hearts Land map

The Queen of Hearts Land was a domain in Wonderland and the area before Queensland. It was essentially the area around the Queen's castle and acted as to the Queen's garden.


American McGee's Alice[]

Majority of the domain was Alice traversing it and defeating any enemy she encountered to continue onto the next area and reach the portal located at the end of the sections.


The Queen of Hearts Land was primarily a garden, which was very maze-like in appearance and structure. It was an extremely well-maintained area of Wonderland, covered with brick paths and tall bushes. Underneath the garden was a series of pathways, tunnels, and water-based rooms. The entire land was covered with enemies, including the Queen's very own Card Guards.


The Queen of Hearts Land had six different sections:

Residents and creatures[]


  • Both the Queen of Hearts Land and Queensland were collectively known as the Queen's Keep in the Wonderland map of the old EA website as both the Queen of Hearts' garden and palace were present in this area.[1]


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