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"Pulling Strings"
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Madness OST
Album Original Soundtrack
Artist Jason Tai
Length 01:42
Preceded by
"Off With Her Head"
Followed by
"Moorgate Station"

"Pulling Strings", also known as "Pulling (His) Strings", is the eighteenth piece of the Alice: Madness Returns Original Soundtrack.


Pulling Strings is one of the final compositions in-game and in the soundtrack. It is used during the Dollhouse domain finale as Alice Liddell confronts the Dollmaker. It is used to create a profound state of emotion for the player to endure from the position of Alice's own mind as the true intent of Doctor Bumby's plans were revealed. It is used subtly and to build up the depressing coil of emotions which obstruct the scene.


  • The piece is also known as "Pulling (His) Strings" due to the achievement/trophy which is found in Alice: Madness Returns with the same name. It is completed by defeating the Dollmaker without taking any damage. The compositions title during the Dollhouse domain cutscene would represent the way the Dollmaker pulled Alice's strings, throwing her around and using her until he could finally use her as he pleases, but from the achievement point of view it could be seen to be very ironic and possibly smug from Alice's point of view as she has "pulled the Dollmaker's strings" by defeating him so easily.