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Alice: Madness Returns London
Prison guard
Prison guard
Biographical information
Provenance London
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Dirty blond
Personal information
Allies Gaol's police force
Occupation Policeman
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A menace to herself; but no danger to others, surely. She don't belong in gaol. Send her back to Dr. Bumby.
— Prison guard talking about Alice

The prison guard is one of the people shown to have sympathy for Alice Liddell's condition and situation. He has also shown an admiration towards her and is known to be a part of London's police forces.[1]


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Two policemen talking about Alice

The prison guard and Fred talking about Alice.

While Alice was waking up in the gaol, the prison guard was talking with Fred about the reason for her stay in the cell. He had previously known Alice from her infamy in the newspapers, where she was constantly slandered as an insane girl. Nevertheless, the prison guard appeared to have a positive attitude towards her, even if she did not recognize who he was.

The prison guard had a more negative perspective on Dr. Angus Bumby, who complained when Alice spent the night in the gaol. Although the officer appeared as if he would want to keep her in and comfort her awhile longer, he does not wish for Bumby to continue complaining.

Jack being brought to the gaol

Jack Splatter being arrested.

Jack Splatter, the person responsible for burning down Mangled Mermaid and murdering Long Tim, had been arrested and was being taken down the street in another direction by two other police officers.

Jack saw Alice and tried to blame her for burning the whorehouse to the ground but she stood up to the criminal. The prison guard stated that he admired Alice's words until he noticed her collapsed form. He exclaimed that she must have hit her head or another reason caused her collapsed state.[1]


Prison guard's appearance

The prison guard's appearance.

The prison guard maintains an extremely fit and bulky figure. His legs are quite short while his torso is toned and large. He sports a dirty blond, neatly trimmed hair cut, which similarly to other officers extends onto his face as a well-grown beard.

As a member of the police force, he maintains a neat navy blue police officer uniform consisting of tail coats, trousers, top hats, and black boots. His top hat has a golden badge on its front. His waist is tightened and is quite thin from the belt.


  • It is presumed that most of the London police force have no idea of Doctor Bumby's prostitute ring; this is apparent as the prison guard does not have a positive attitude towards Bumby and would possibly be willing to keep him away from Alice.
  • Another police officer, with the same face and physique as the prison guard, is seen in a commotion in Whitechapel Market. He tells Alice he can "run [her] in for being off [her] nut" when she comes near the commotion.[2] However, the subtitles are found in VO_Policeman and not in VO_PrisonGuard, indicating he may just be another police officer.


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