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Power-ups anim

Power-ups, also known as powerups, are in-game weaponry and upgrades which can only be used once after being found. They only work for a limited time and have four types that Alice will encounter.

A demonstration and short tutorial of power-ups, along with weaponry, movement, controls and environments, can be found in the in-game files, while a longer edition had been written for the official guide.


Rage Box[]

This Rage Box increases Alice’s strength and conserves her Will. The Ragebox rocks.

The Rage Box is a red vial of liquid that causes Alice pain when the vapor comes in contact with her skin. It changes her appearance to that of a demon and her anger becomes more apparent due to the death of her family.

Grasshopper Tea[]

A sip of the Grasshopper Tea is guaran-tea’d to improve Alice’s speed and agility.

The Grasshopper Tea is a grasshopper-themed teapot that changes Alice appearance when consumed. Her appearance and abilities become similar to a grasshopper.

Looking Glass[]

Use this Darkened Looking Glass to creep unseen through creepy places.

The Looking Glass, also known as the Darkened Looking Glass, is a handheld mirror which gives Alice temporary invisibility. It allows her to creep past enemies and certain domains for a certain period of time until the effects wear off.

Deadtime Watch[]

Everything but Alice stands still when she uses the Deadtime Watch!

The Deadtime Watch is a one-time use item per level, which stops time for a short period. Similar to the Looking Glass, it allows Alice to get past hordes of enemies without being noticed.


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