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Pool of Tears
Vale of Tears - Pool of Tears
Location Southwestern hemisphere
First appearance Vale of Tears
Series American McGee's Alice
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Since the troubles began, he's in hiding. I couldn't divulge the secret. I couldn't risk telling you, without... something in return.
Mock Turtle bargaining with Alice

The Pool of Tears was the first section of the Vale of Tears that Alice arrived to after Mayor Elder helped her shrink. She met Mock Turtle who was crying about his lost shell.


American McGee's Alice[]

After Alice arrived, she was greeted by the thick fog that lurked around the forest, while the Army Ants were steadily pushing boulders off the side of the waterfall before her. At the bottom of the water, the White Rabbit ran into a hole between two platforms, but before Alice got to the hole, the Ants' boulder blocked it and created a small path for Alice to climb.

As Alice advanced up the waterfall, the more boulders were pushed, and she had to dodge them in order to continue. When she reached the top, the Ants attacked her violently. After finishing them off, she continued down the stream to find a large statue of herself. It was crying into the pool, and created a stream which eventually created the waterfall. Across from it, was the Mock Turtle, who was quietly sobbing to himself.

Pool of Tears - Mock Turtle

The Mock Turtle crying near Alice's statue.

Alice confronted the Turtle and asked him why he was crying. She asked if someone close to him or a family member had died. He replied that he had merely lost his shell. When she realized that he was crying over pathetic reasons, she began to speak down to him and told him to get over it. She then asked if he saw the White Rabbit. He replied that the Caterpillar might know, however, he bargained a deal with Alice about divulging the secret of the Caterpillar's location after finding his shell. She then followed the Turtle to the location of the Duchess down the stream on a leaf, and eventually fell off another waterfall.


The Pool of Tears was a rocky and fairly spacious area surrounded by small streams of water and large but uncrowded plant life. The area contained a lot of large bug creatures which made it their duty to hunt and kill Alice. The area was dimmed with fog and had a color scheme which primarily consisted of grays, blues, and murky greens. The area was not vibrant and was shrouded in grey.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Army Ant
  • Mock Turtle
  • Snark
  • White Rabbit


  • Although it is probably not intended to hurt Alice specifically due to the fact that the Army Ants do not know Alice is there, it is unknown why the Ants are mindlessly pushing boulders off the side of the waterfall.
  • There is a hidden Meta-Essence inside of the waterfall.