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Playing Cards
Playing Cards
Location Pandemonium
Based on A playing card deck
Assigned key 2
Series American McGee's Alice
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52 pickup is a staple of juvenile humor. But when the deck slices and dices, it's no laughing matter.
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The Playing Cards are the second weapon that Alice Liddell found in the Village of the Doomed. They are fairly weak, but guide themselves well with airborne enemies.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice met Mayor Elder in the Village of the Doomed and she was sent through the mines of a cart. In her haste to leave after almost falling to her death, she arrived in Pandemonium. Before entering an area surrounded by guards, she was able to pick up the Cards for the first time. From that point on, they were apparent throughout the rest of the journey and had been extremely handy when dealing with airborne enemies.[1]


Each attack somewhat drains Alice's willpower by a small amount, and the Cards have travel time and limited tracking power which make striking a long distance or quick-moving target tricky. It is advised to always keep the target reticle on the enemy for greater accuracy. The secondary fire can be used akin to a close range shotgun, since all the cards are more likely to hit when Alice is closer to the enemy. However the secondary could be inefficient if an enemy is too close and not allowing them to spread out.

The Cards only have two attacks:

  • Primary – Alice quickly shoots Cards one after the other on a locked-on target in an automatic, robotic fashion.
  • Secondary – Alice has a "burst" attack where she throws several cards in a disorderly and scattering pattern towards a single enemy.

A potentially useful characteristic of the cards is that they can push enemies that they hit. It can be utilized by means of pushing enemies off ledges, or maneuvering them into a desired direction, like closer to an exploding Jackbomb for instance.


The Playing Cards are simply rectangle-shaped cards similar to normal playing cards. Each card has a white front with a suit and number printed upon it, and black-and-red back printed with a capital "A" for Alice.



Alice playing with the Cards.

  • If Alice is left idle long enough with the Cards equipped, she will perform one of several random animations, such as pulling a random Card out, making a Card disappear then reappear, or tossing a Card up, only for it to hit her forehead, get stuck, and Alice proceeds to pull it out (this does no damage, and no blood is seen).
  • The Cards are shot one by one, or scattered in a group, but Alice always kept them clenched together in a pack while they remained in her hands.
  • The pattern on the Cards match the Queen's Card Guards.
  • They are seen in the prologue of the game, but are quickly consumed by flames.[2]