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Pig Snout

A flying Pig Snout in Vale of Tears.

Be alert! Listen and look out for Pig Snouts!
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Pig Snouts, also simply known as Snouts, are pig noses found in strange spots around Wonderland. These are sometimes flying, mounted, or hidden unless Shrink Sense is used. The Pig Snouts, once shot with the Duchess' Pepper Grinder, will open paths or reveal a Duchess basket, a bottle, or a Memory. There are 59 Snouts in total.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Alice Liddell first saw these creatures after having met the Duchess in the Vale of Tears. The Duchess had changed since the last time they have met as she stated that girls like Alice were not her preferred dish. She then ordered Alice to pepper the snouts as these were her current favorite.[1]


The Pig Snout is a large pink pig snout which usually has white wings attached to its sides if it is flying, mounted on a wooden plaque if it is on a wall, or purple and is either mounted or flying when Shrink Sense is activated.


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