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American McGee's Alice Wonderland
First appearance Wonderland Woods
Series American McGee's Alice
Ranged attack Ice Chain
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Phantasmagorias were monstrous spirits that were able to blend with their surroundings. They were able to attack Alice with ice the moment they open their cloaks.


American McGee's Alice[]

When Alice arrived at the Caterpillar's Plot, she was greeted by a wave of new unseen enemies, the Phantasmagoria. They were, however, sneakily hiding and waiting for Alice under a tunnel as they were notably transparent at certain areas, making them difficult to see.[1]


Shrouded in a mysterious cloak, the Phantasmagorias were made up of hundreds of skeletal ghosts. They were a floating enemy, however, they never appeared to go higher or lower than a certain height. They can open their cloak to reveal a chain of ice that can be spat at Alice, causing a serious amount of damage. Phantasmagoria were only solid on their insides, while their cloaks were mostly transparent.


  • Ice Chain – The Phantasmagoria shoots a chain of ice from its main skull-like face.


Phantasmagorias can appear out of thin air and shoot a chain of ice from the main skull-like face. While they do not directly damage Alice, they freeze her in place for a time, leaving her vulnerable to attack. They also drain her magic.

Phantasmagorias' freezing attack does affect fights greatly, as it renders Alice helpless both physically and magically against opponents, but they are not particularly hard to destroy. Destroying it before any other enemies would also be strategic, as they drop heart-shaped meta-essence which greatly restores health and magic.

Ironically, if shot in their chests or head area, the Phantasmagorias can easily be taken out with a few seconds treatment from the Ice Wand without any damage taken from Alice.

A good trick is to use Phantasmagorias for friendly fire, if the player tricks a Phantasmagoria into accidentally hitting another hostile with the ice chain attack then that particular foe will freeze also and die instantly making it good for obtaining meta-essence drops without using any mana.


  • The name is inspired by the poem Lewis Carroll wrote bearing the same name.
  • Marilyn Manson, who was originally set to work on the game's score, worked on his own dark Alice film titled "Phantasmagoria: The Vision of Lewis Carroll".
  • Phantasmagorias were also common throughout areas such as Behind the Looking Glass.