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Pandemonium entrance
Location Southwestern hemisphere
First appearance Village of the Doomed
Series American McGee's Alice
Location on map
Village of the Doomed map
Further information
Previous Dementia
I wish to get very small. No bigger than a mouse. Do you know how I might do that?
Alice Liddell to Mayor Elder

Pandemonium was the second and final section of the Village of the Doomed. It focused on Mayor Elder and his attempt in getting inside of the Fortress of Doors alongside Alice Liddell.


American McGee's Alice[]

Pandemonium - Danger

The danger sign in Pandemonium.

As Alice entered Pandemonium, she was greeted by the Cheshire Cat who discussed the use of hanging ropes with her. She eventually found Mayor Elder and asked him to help her get inside the Fortress of Doors. The mayor questioned why Alice had pursued him for wisdom when he was not wise but merely old. Alice explained that all she wished was to shrink herself, and the Gnome realized that he can do it, but for a price.

He told Alice that she must go through the mine shafts in order to find a key so that he would return the favor. She proceeded to the mine shafts by riding one of the carts and eventually killed the Card Guards protecting the key. Afterwards, Alice went to the mayor again and they rode off to the Fortress of Doors together.


Pandemonium - Mine Cart

Alice using the mine cart.

Similar to Dementia, Pandemonium consisted of a primarily blue, green, and gray color scheme to a city created from stone and wood. The area was teeming with acid, however, unlike Dementia, the platforms must be navigated using ropes rather than jumping. Pandemonium also had a lot more mine carts and tunnels and fewer shops and houses.


Residents and creatures[]


  • On the mine cart ride to collect the key, there are several Torch Gnomes which can be seen working in tunnels.
  • In the map of Wonderland found in the old EA website for American McGee's Alice, Pandemonium was a city and was previously located in the Vale of Tears.[1]


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