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Pale Realm
Pale Realm - Castle
Location Northwestern hemisphere
First appearance Looking Glass Land
Series American McGee's Alice
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Looking Glass Land map
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Cheshire Cat

The Pale Realm was the first section of the Looking Glass Land. It was based upon chess and was the holding place for the war between the Red and White chess pieces.


American McGee's Alice[]

When Alice arrived in Pale Realm, it was quiet and darkened by the depths of the black sky. However, the White chess pieces were still tending to their work. Further on, Alice met a White Bishop, who were moving about and eventually out of Alice's way for her to pass, when she moved forward, she turned into the same chess piece. Upon returning to herself again, she was greeted by several Red Pawns.

Alice proceeded to go through several houses to pull a lever which opened a door, allowing a White Rook to proceed. Following the Rook, she saw a White Knight, and eventually transformed into the piece. Once she transformed back, she moved through the houses and structures of the realm and located a switch which turned on the water wheel, allowing her to move through the area.


Pale Realm - Knight

The lack of color in the Pale Realm.

The Pale Realm contained no color whatsoever, save for the colors on Alice and the Red chess pieces. It contained large, traditional Victorian-esque structures and most of the flooring was white and black checkered, similar with the sky, as checkers covered the dim black sky. Prior to the war between Red and White, the Pale Realm was a far more beautiful place, with the baby blue sky looking upon every building.

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