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American McGee's Alice Alice: Madness Returns Oxford
Location England
First appearance * Prologue [AMA]
  • Chapter 1 [AMR]
Series * American McGee's Alice
  • Alice: Madness Returns

Oxford is a city in central Southern England that is known worldwide for its universities. It was home to Alice Liddell before the death of her family.


Before the fire[]

Arthur Liddell, being a dean at the University of Oxford, often invited his undergraduates for tea until such time that one of his undergraduates, Angus Bumby, soon became obsessed with his eldest daughter, Lizzie Liddell. Bumby started to make advances towards Lizzie and "claimed [she had] captured his heart." In disgust, she told her father to never invite him for tea again.[1]

After the fire[]

Alice in Littlemore

Alice recovering from her severe third-degree burns.

On November 5, 1863, a fire was started within the Liddell household that left Arthur's youngest daughter, Alice Liddell, as one of the survivors of the incident.[2] However, she received severe third-degree burns during her escape, and the whole event left her traumatized. She was taken to Littlemore Infirmary to recover from her burns for a year and was then transferred to Rutledge Asylum in London to treat her broken mental state.[3]


  • Oxford has been the primary location of the books, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.
  • It is not to be confused with London, which is one of the primary locations in Alice: Madness Returns.
  • The only times that Oxford was seen in-game is during the opening scene of American McGee's Alice, where Alice's family home is burnt down by a mysterious fire, killing her family, and during animated cutscenes of Madness Returns.
  • The town is also ripe with beautiful examples of classic English architecture – demonstrated by the design of the Liddell house.