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Portrait of Bumby with the orphans in Houndsditch
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The orphans are children who lived with Alice in Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth. They were manipulated by Dr. Angus Bumby using his hypnotherapy and sold as prostitutes in the streets of London.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Child prostitutes

Bumby preparing children for sale.

Most of the children in the orphanage mocked Alice and her past, while some were already showing signs of Bumby's brainwashing and mind control.[1] The orphans were broken down mentally, up to the point of acting like mindless robots, to become Bumby's sexual slaves for his sexual child trafficking business for many of London's perverts and pedophiles who engage in the act of child molestation.[2] Some of them are seen engaging in odd behavior, speaking in gibberish or nonsense, and staring vacant as if they are absent-minded. Some orphans, such as Charlie, seem enthusiastic when it comes to forgetting their traumatic memories.

Bumby has a deluded view of the orphans; he views his exploitation of the orphans as a valuable service to the community, claiming they are "proud to display their provenance."


Invisible orphans

The translucent ghostly orphans.

The orphans are both male and female. They are around half of Alice's own height and have a consistent appearance which consists of rural, uncut hair, dirty, grey Victorian clothing, thin figures and dirty faces. The girls wear dresses, while the boys wear shorts. They also wear aprons with numbers on them.

In Alice's hallucination before the confrontation with Bumby at the train station, the orphans appear as translucent ghosts with barely any visible discernible features differentiating them from another, except their numbered aprons, representing their loss of identity save for the numbers Bumby gave them.


Houndsditch orphans

Orphans in Houndsditch.

  • The Wonderland counterparts of the orphans are the Insane Children of Wonderland, who have suffered at the hands of Dr. Bumby's own counterpart, the Dollmaker.
  • One orphan can be found near the entrance of the Whitechapel Market reciting the Dream Man open, referring to him as the "Sandman." The child is in a catatonic state similar to how Alice was in the asylum, facing a wall and ignoring interaction.
  • Gold-colored numbers appear in the Dollhouse area as well as its underworld counterpart; they indicate where Alice must go to progress, yet might also be a nod to the numbers Bumby places on his young victims.


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