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Origami Ant Elder
Origami Ant Elder
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Caterpillar, Alice Liddell, Origami Ants


Samurai Wasps, Daimyo Wasps, Ruin

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He knows things. He even thinks things.
— The Origami Ants to Alice Liddell about the Elder

The Origami Ant Elder is the wise, old ant leader of the Origami Ants. He constantly offers advice or assistance to Alice Liddell and are always on positive terms with her.


Alice: Madness Returns

After reaching the Elder's temple, Alice saw the destruction caused by the Samurai Wasps and Daimyo Wasps. The remaining survivors rallied in the temple and told her to confront the Elder as he can help her in her journey. Upon meeting with the Elder, he tested her abilities and later deemed her worthy as their savior after completing the task. He opened up a path for her and warned her about the Wasps that she will continue to encounter along her way to the Peak Temple.[1]

Alice met him again and he asked her help to get rid of the Ruin that had kept the Origami Ant Monks imprisoned. He thanked her afterwards and told her the next location of the Sacred Cave. He was later seen leading the Origami Ant Monks in a prayer chant about the Caterpillar.[2]



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