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"Yes you are, but what am I?"

— Orderly Dee to Orderly Dum in Alice's hallucination

The Orderlies are the nephews of the Superintendent of Rutledge Asylum. They are despicable, sadistic, and almost masochistic antagonists who find great humor in mistreating or torturing the patients at the asylum. Alice Liddell was no exception.


Wilson's casebook

In Wilson's casebook, the Orderlies were first mentioned threatening to beat Alice with leather straps, possibly in some sort of humorist and possibly sexual manner. Later, they "fed" her stuffed rabbit, at which point Alice had supposedly awoken from her comatose state and managed to stab one of the horrible men in the cheek with a spoon.[1]

American McGee's Alice

While the Orderlies themselves never appeared, they were represented in Wonderland by Tweedledum and Tweedledee to possibly torture the patients at the Mad Hatter's asylum.[2]

Alice: Madness Returns

The Orderlies taking Alice's rabbit doll away

The Orderlies taking the rabbit doll away.

After her encounter with the Queen of Hearts,[3] Alice had a hallucination about returning to Rutledge Asylum, where she remembered the torture of her "treatments" during her stay. The Orderlies themselves appeared and was seen walking off with Alice's stuffed rabbit sitting on a gurney.

They also appeared as the Tweedle twins, and were seen in flashbacks of Alice's time in the asylum with Nurse Cratchet, giving Alice a trepanning session as well as putting leeches onto her, taking great joy in inflicting pain during the procedures. The Orderlies and the Tweedles also appear in a room at the same time, the Orderlies were on the floor and the Tweedles were on the ceiling.[4]


  • It was revealed that they were present with Cratchet when Alice was given electroshock therapy sessions and it is hinted that the Tweedles sexually harassed her through Tweedle dee's lines "Nothing comforts a tummy-ache like a jab in the nether regions with a very hot poker" and "Demolish the past including the time I touched her, ehm..."[5]


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