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Alice: Madness Returns Wonderland
Biographical information
Provenance Wonderland
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color White
Skin color Red
Occupation Writer
Further information
Voiced by Arran Hawkins[1]
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A lifetime hiding his true colors give him an edge. But he can't conceal the way he moves.
Cheshire Cat[2]

The Octopus is the scriptwriter for Carpenter and Walrus' show, Totentanz. He is found in the Deluded Depths of Wonderland.


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Alice was tasked by the Carpenter to organize the show, and the first person she must see was the Octopus. When she arrived, she commented on the foul smell of the area he resided in, and he replied it was the "smell of genius." He then told Alice to leave him alone, and began to rant on how the Carpenter was a "moron," however, Alice did not care and requested the script. The Octopus continued to rant on how unloved and unappreciated he was, denying Alice's requests for the script, and swore violently.

Afterwards, he told Alice that she must find him three times before he will agree to help her, triggering the hide-and-seek quest. When Alice found him for the third time, he agreed to help her and started to work on the script.[2]


The Octopus is a depressive and angstful being who lives at the bottom of the ocean. He writes scripts for plays. He does not agree with Carpenter, calling him a "pusillanimous, parsimonious, pettifogging moron." He is also an alcoholic and has become frustrated from a lack of recognition for his talents as a writer as well as a distant personal connection with others.

To satiate his needs, he demands Alice to find him three times in a game of hide-and-seek, though the ink jets he uses to propel him give his position away. He is usually found inside a bottle of ale.


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