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Nightmare Spider
Nightmare Spider
First appearance Behind the Looking Glass
Series American McGee's Alice
Melee attack Dual injection
Ranged attack Poison spray
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Nightmare Spiders are dark spider-like enemies who appear to be decorative ornaments with faces of a China doll. Beneath its oriental smile, however, dwells a vicious and frightening fiend that must feed on Alice Liddell's anguish.


American McGee's Alice[]

As Alice entered Behind the Looking Glass, the walls were littered with Spiders that were ready to pounce on her any time she came close. Normally, they were above singular doors and alone, however, in corridors full of doors they were difficult for Alice to defeat.[1]


The Nightmare Spider appears to have four legs made from curling iron which connect to a pure white China Doll face. The face appears to be fairly chubby and is marked on its forehead by an extremely visible Ceres symbol.

The eyes on the doll are blank, only showing signs of life when attacked. Their lips appear to be an orange tone. Its fangs are replaced by twin syringes, ready to bite down hard on Alice upon her approach.


Spider attack

A Spider about to attack Alice.

  • Dual injection – The Nightmare Spider uses its syringe-like fangs to bite down on its victim, discoloring their screen to a green tint, and obscuring their view
  • Poison spray – Their deadly poison spray shoots out in a stream from the front of their bodies. If Alice is hit with this spray, she will take a small amount of damage.


Nightmare Spiders attack by leaping down on their victims and biting them, causing them to see hallucinations. They can also spray their green venom, acting more like a burning agent rather than a toxin. While they are relatively easy to kill alone, a group of them can prove to be potentially dangerous to Alice, as they are persistent in their attacks. Jacks and the Ice Wand prove particularly effective against them.


  • Nightmare Spiders are more common for asylum-like areas, however, they are also extremely apparent during the Crazed Clockwork level, lurking in the places of madness.
  • The Ceres symbol on the doll-face of the nightmare spider is used during the Dollhouse stage of Alice: Madness Returns as well as on the floor of the Infernal Train.
  • The spider may represent the workers at Rutledge Asylum, due to the syringes for teeth, for all the times Alice had been sedated, and it being found in the asylum in Wonderland.
  • The hallucination shape is the hazy shape of Cheshire Cat's face.
  • If the Nightmare Spider is attacked, its mouth can be seen screeching.