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Alice: Madness Returns Oxford London
Nan Sharpe
Nan Sharpe
Biographical information
Alias Ladybird (by Jack)[1]
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Orange
Personal information
Allies Liddell family
Enemies Jack Splatter, Wilton J. Radcliffe, Pris Witless
Occupation Prostitute
Liddell family nanny (formerly)
Further information
Voiced by Jo Whitfield[2]
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A woman alone sometimes does what she doesn't particularly feel like doing... as you know.
— Nan to Alice Liddell[3]

Nan Sharpe is Alice Liddell's former nanny who currently works as a prostitute. She is the owner of a whorehouse known as the Mangled Mermaid on the east side of London.[1] However, Jack Splatter burned the place to the ground.[3]


Before the fire[]

Nan looked after the Liddell sisters during Alice's youth, and taught them music and French.[4] She apparently had conversations with Mrs. Liddell concerning Alice's daydreams of Wonderland.[5] Nan told Alice that if she spent as much time as practicing the piano instead of daydreaming, she would be the next Sullivan or Gilbert.[6] After the tragic fire, Nan visited Alice several times at Rutledge Asylum.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

Nan can be heard in Alice's collectable Memories.

Jack beating up Nan

Nan threatened by Jack.

Alice visited the Mangled Mermaid to find her former nanny. At the side of the establishment, she found Nan and Jack in a heated argument. Jack threatened Nan but she dismissed his threat and asked Alice to come up. Moments later, Alice saw Long Tim get stabbed by Jack and when she went to the room upstairs, she found her nanny sobbing on the floor after being threatened by him. Alice tried to defend her nanny but was knocked unconscious by the pimp after he knocked off a lamp on the table that set the establishment on fire.[1]

Nan talking to Alice

Nan talking to Alice.

After Alice came to, she and Nan rode a carriage to Radcliffe's house. This also implies Nan saved Alice's life from the fire as Alice was beside her. Alice inquired about her rabbit doll and the fire. Nan refused to tell her much about the incident and denied having the doll, saying that Radcliffe had it.[3]

Alice saw her in one of the hallucinations she had at Rutledge Asylum, with Nan revealing what she said to Mrs. Liddell. She mentioned that Alice was a distant and stubborn child who was too content in her own world. Further commenting that young women need to leave their Wonderlands, as well as the real world being not so wonderful. Nan then stated Alice needed to grow up and suggested Alice may need more time in "care."[5]


Nan visit

Nan visiting Alice in the asylum.

Nan is the only adult in AMR who seems to truly care about Alice (as Dr. Wilson is not currently in Alice's life). She is one of the very few people who seems to have no hate nor desire to receive any benefit from Alice's madness and seems to even pity her situation.[7] She refers to Radcliffe as a "greedy sod" for having an interest in Alice's inheritance. She comments "Radcliffe paid me for a bit" before saying, "A woman alone sometimes does what she doesn't particularly feel like doing... as you know" implying that Radcliffe was one of her special visitors.

She is judgmental, but sympathetic. She is a bit of a cynical realist who disagrees with the saying "honesty is the best policy" saying "not in this life".

Nan speaking

Nan speaking with, presumably, another prostitute.

It is unknown how she feels about being a prostitute. She acts quite depressed with the situation at hand, but treats it with a "hang-in, hold-on" mentality. However, she also says, "I'm hurtin' no one. Hooking's not a bad life..."[3]

She shows disgust for the selling of children for prostitution, one of the game's themes.

She is mentioned by Pris Witless as an "uppity whore."[8] Pris seems to also hold a grudge against Nan. The dislike is mutual, as Nan refers to Pris as a "drunkard."


Nan Sharpe wears a pink dress that accentuates her breasts and black lace gloves. She has a peacock feather placed on the bun of her hair and has a sailor's anchor tattooed onto her right breast. She has a black eye, possibly due to frequently being hit by Jack Splatter or others.


  • Nanny makes a few comments to Alice that suggests that Alice may have done things much as Nanny did (e.g. prostitution) to get by.[3] In particular she makes a comment about "doing what one needs to do to get by." After which she goes on say to Alice that "she knows a good deal about that" to which Alice assents.[3] However this seems unlikely due to Alice going immediately to Dr. Bumby's after she got out of the asylum to work for him, it being hinted that she works as the maid. This is also backed up by Pris Witless' comments on what Alice would be doing without her ‘help’ and Alice's own morality.[8]
  • Jack Splatter is Nan's pimp whom she argues with.[1] In Pris Witless' cutscene, Nan is seen serving drinks to Jack at the Mangled Mermaid.[8]
  • Nan's room in the Mangled Mermaid has framed portraits of George Meredith, Kate Chopin, George Washington and Queen Victoria, possibly implying Nan admired these figures.
  • In the unused audio, Alice mentions that she attempted to hit Nan Sharpe with a Hobby Horse when she was younger, ever so slightly missing her and hitting the dry wall.


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