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Mystifying Madness
Mystifying Madness - Waterfall
Location Eastern hemisphere
First appearance Queen of Hearts Land
Series American McGee's Alice
Location on map
Queen of Hearts Land map
Further information
Previous Airborne Terror
Next Water Logged

Mystifying Madness was the third section of the Queen of Hearts Land. It was part of the Majestic Maze and focused more on the ground below the garden.


American McGee's Alice[]

Mystifying Madness - Staircase

The staircase in one of the parts of the maze.

After escaping Airborne Terror, Alice arrived in Mystifying Madness. As she walked through small sections of the Majestic Maze, she was confronted by several beasts, including Jabberspawn and Phantasmagoria. She eventually stumbled upon a drain that she used to swim through the rocky underwater below the maze. She then went through several series of maze parts and underwater tunnels until she located several underwater rooms which appeared to control the water flow around the area.

After Alice had navigated herself away from several Card Guards, she eventually found Water Logged, where the Turtle Shell became even more useful for her.


Mystifying Madness - Under halls

One of the halls under the maze.

Mystifying Madness had a similar appearance to the Majestic Maze. It was coddled by a series of well-maintained hedges, which were guarded by heavy brick walls. The pathways were made of stone and they were dimly lit by small heart-shaped symbols which bled red light. It contained a series of underwater tunnels which were either rocky in appearance or made of metal. The walls were colored green and appeared to be unmaintained.

Residents and creatures[]