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Alice: Madness Returns Wonderland
Effect(s) Enables Alice to reach higher places
Series Alice: Madness Returns

The mushroom acts as a trampoline for Alice Liddell to have a boost upward when reaching higher terrain.


  • Red mushroom: An ordinary type of mushroom that brings Alice up to a great height to reach higher platforms.
  • Blue mushroom: A more special kind of mushroom that gives Alice a greater boost and throws her up to a greater heights. These blue mushrooms usually lead to a slide.


The mushrooms are characterized by their color and white circular orbs moving atop their surfaces. They usually appear where there are patches of green, with the exception in Cardbridge. The mushrooms in Cardbridge are in the form of a thick deck of cards. As they push Alice up, they slide up to form a ramp and push Alice up into very great heights.