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Leanne Liddell
Mrs. Liddell
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Provenance Oxford
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Gender Female
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Allies Arthur Liddell, Lizzie Liddell, Alice Liddell
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If you leap from that table again, Alice, I'll expire! You're two times too reckless, my girl.
— Mrs. Liddell to Alice[1]

Mrs. Liddell was the mother of Alice and Lizzie, and the wife of Arthur Liddell. She died in a house fire that also killed her husband and eldest daughter, leaving her youngest daughter to survive the fire.


Early life[]

Mrs. Liddell lived in Oxford with her family, where Arthur worked as a dean at Oxford University. She was a strict but very caring mother who she spent most of her time taking care of her daughters and seeing to their lessons.[1] At some point, due to Alice's constant daydreams of Wonderland, Mrs. Liddell had conversations with Nan Sharpe about it.[2]


One night, Angus Bumby broke into the Liddell's home and raped Lizzie. Apparently, both Arthur and Mrs. Liddell were heavy sleepers,[1] and had not even heard the "noises" coming from their daughter's bedroom.

Afterwards, Bumby killed Lizzie, locked her bedroom door[3] and set the house on fire to cover up his crime. Arthur and Mrs. Liddell had awoken, and tried to save their daughters, telling Alice to get out of the house and calling out to Lizzie from outside her bedroom door. Despite their pleading, Mrs. Liddell and her husband burned to death with no chance of escape.

Arthur and his wife were so badly burnt that their lawyer, Wilton J. Radcliffe, said they were almost unrecognizable at the Oxford Morgue.[1] Her body was later "stored in an ice locker" while Alice was being treated in Littlemore Infirmary "in the likelihood that the whole family will be expeditiously interred at the same time".[4]


Alice family photo

Mrs. Liddell's other appearance in a portrait.

  • Although she was never physically present, Mrs. Liddell appeared in the portraits of the family, and was heard during the beginning of American McGee's Alice and multiple times through Alice's Memories in Alice: Madness Returns.
  • In Alice: Madness Returns, one of Alice's memories of her mother remembers her dying words as pleas for Alice to attempt to save her and her father: "Help us Alice! Save us, Alice! Don't leave us alone, Alice! Don't abandon us, Alice! Stay with us!"
    • This directly contradicts the opening of American McGee's Alice which depicts them shouting at Alice to escape the house and save herself. It can be theorized that this Madness Returns memory may have been an illusion Alice created in her mind due to her guilt of surviving the fire.

Alice Madness Returns - Second Teaser Trailer (Fiery Tentacles)

The "fiery tentacles" trailer.

  • Mrs. Liddell, or at least her ghost or hallucination, appears briefly in the "fiery tentacles" trailer, whispering Alice's name.
  • Leanne's name was first revealed in the Alice: Asylum Design Bible released in 2023. Before that, she was the only member of the Liddell family not to have her first name published; although her husband's name is never mentioned in the two games, it is revealed in Alice: Madness Returns Storybook.
  • It is revealed in the Alice: Madness Returns Storybook that the White Queen may be a manifestation of Alice's mother, supposedly having similar features as well as her decapitated head mouthing "Alice."
  • Before the fire, both Arthur and Mrs. Liddell told Alice that they would take her to see an opera performance when she was old enough.[5]
  • In real-life, Alice Liddell's mother was called Lorina Hanna Liddell (née Reeve).