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Effect(s) Doubles Shrink Sense's visibility duration
Series Alice: Madness Returns
This dress would still look good even if one were to lose their head.
Alice: Madness Returns Equip Menu[1]

The Misstitched dress is Alice Liddell's fifth and final dress in Alice: Madness Returns. The dress is based on the appearance of the Dollhouse domain, and is one of Alice's most colorful and vibrant dresses. However, it is also the most worn and torn, in accordance with the domain's ragged appearance. The dress' in-game effect is doubling the visibility duration of the Shrink Sense.


Dress symbols[]

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  • Mars – Ruler of lust; represents the Dollmaker.
  • CeresCeres-symbol – Represents Ceres, the Roman goddess and ruler of the harvest (harvesting children for lustful purposes).


The Misstitched dress reflects the color and vibrancy of childhood, perhaps Alice's, during the days of playtime with toys. Alice wears a vertical-striped bodice with oversized buttons, reminiscent of a doll's clothing. The left sleeve is torn, with stuffing poking out of it. The dress features a pink and black tartan overskirt with decorative stitching along the border over a baby-pink ruffled petticoat. This dress is paired with teal and white striped fingerless gloves. The apron's pockets feature the embroidered astronomical signs of Mars and Ceres.

Hollow Yves[]

Hollow Yves' skull is replaced by a broken doll's head with a button nose, empty eyes, a gaping mouth, and purple-blushed cheeks. The doll's skin a scratched white with grey undertones.

The bow's shape is similar to the original bow, but uses the pink color scheme of the Silk Maiden.


  • The doll head at the back of the bow is similar to the Doll Girl.


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