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Mirror Image
Mirror Image - Insane Children
Location Northwestern hemisphere
First appearance Looking Glass Land
Series American McGee's Alice
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Looking Glass Land map
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Previous Checkmate in Red
Paths that end in trouble are all the same. They only appear different when you don't know where they lead.
Cheshire Cat

Mirror Image was the fourth and final section of the Looking Glass Land. It was the introduction of the Hatter's Domain in Behind the Looking Glass and contained the boss battle with the Tweedle twins.


American McGee's Alice[]

Mirror Image - Automaton

Automatons guarding every corner.

After being knocked out by the Mad Hatter, Alice woke up to find herself in a strange room. She dropped down from it and landed in a large maze lined by looking glasses in every direction, as well as swarmed with angry Automatons.

When she got out of the maze, she arrived in a place somewhat reminiscent of Rutledge Asylum with Insane Children locked in padded cells. Continuing further, Alice encountered several distorted and weighted platforms she attempted to navigate while still haunted by the figures of the Insane Children throughout the corridors and locked in glass clocks.

Alice eventually found Tweedledum and Tweedledee in the boiler room and fought them until their deaths. The Hatter appeared afterwards and spoke to Alice until the floor around her shattered, allowing her to fall down into an asylum-like cell.


Mirror Image - Asylum room

One of the asylum rooms in the area.

Mirror Image was slightly moderate than Behind the Looking Glass. It kept a steampunk image without too much alchemical symbols or Hatter-related imagery. Towards the beginning, there were a lot of looking glasses, vertically aligned lamps on some walls, and green-tiled walls and floors.

In the area similar to the Rutledge Asylum, there were a lot of white padded cells, an abundance of both broken and fixed clocks, and some black and dark gray tiling. Some areas contained rusted large brass machines and a subtle nutcracker based furnace in one of the main corridors before the Tweedle twins battle.

Residents and creatures[]


  • The equivalent of Mirror Image in the final release of American McGee's Alice may have been The Psychedelic Funhouse found in the Wonderland map of the old EA website due to the uniqueness of both levels and the hints of the usage of mirrors.[1]


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