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Oriental Scroll

The Oriental Scroll mini-game in Oriental Grove.

Mini-games are small quests that Alice must accomplish in order to continue her journey in Wonderland. Various kinds of mini-games are available in several areas and the player can choose to skip them. Some mini-games, however, must be played and finished to further explore the area.

Calligraphy scroll[]

Calligraphy scrolls are scrolls found in Oriental Grove with Japanese or Chinese characters on them. Several of these characters will light up ablaze and will kill Alice if she does not dodge them. The scrolls move against Alice's direction to hinder her steady movement.

Chess board challenge[]

Chess board challenge

The chess board.

Chess board challenges are mini-games unlocked when Alice arrives in Queensland. The player must get the Alice bust across the chess board and on the eight-pointed star under twelve moves while avoiding Red Knights.

As the player moves the bust, another Red chess piece also moves parallel to the player's. Should the bust or the other chess piece is attacked, the game is over and the player may choose to repeat the challenge or skip it.


Alice stomping

Gigantic Alice.

Main article: Gigantic

Gigantic Alice is unlocked after eating the Eat Me cake in Majestic Maze. Shortly after finishing the Executioner off, Alice makes her way to Dark of Heartness to find the Queen of Hearts. The player must kill all the Card Guards to pass through flesh walls and stomp on blue hearts to destroy the Queen's tentacles.

Alice can only stomp or swipe and kick obstacles and enemies during this mini-game as she is unable to use her weapons and her jumping, dodging, and floating abilities to evade incoming attacks or enemies.

Hide and seek[]

Alice must traverse the area near the Octopus's residence and smash large bottles containing a burgundy liquid until she finds the bottles which conceal him.

HMS Gryphon[]

HMS Gryphon mini-game

Beginning of the mini-game.

Alice and Mock Turtle must use the HMS Gryphon to escape the Shipwreck Sharks that threaten to devour them both. She mans the ship which can fire cannonballs and drop explosives. The player only has ten lives throughout the mini-game and if it reaches to zero, the ship will explode and the mini-game will repeat from the start.


Platforms Controls
PC (keyboard and mouse)
  • Movement – W, A, S, and D
  • Cannonballs – Left mouse button
  • Depth charges – Right mouse button
  • Movement – Left stick
  • Cannonballs – A/X
  • Depth charges – B/Y
  • Movement – Left stick
  • Cannonballs – □/X
  • Depth charges – ○/△

Musical challenge[]

Musical challenge

Music Fish's musical challenge.

Musical challenges are a type of mini-game where the player must press a series of buttons in order to complete these challenges. These mainly appear during random intervals and are not played in similar situations.


  • Deluded Depths – After clearing all three musical instruments from Ruin slime, a two-round musical challenge will be given. The player must press the correct arrow keys shown in the notes.
  • Dollhouse – There is a shelf mounted on the wall containing nine doll heads. A three-round musical challenge is given and Alice must play the notes to open the wall on the left.
  • Oriental Grove – After defeating the Samurai Wasps that are torturing Origami Ant Monks, a two-round musical challenge for playing the melody on the bells will be given to pass through the area.

Off With Her Head[]

Off With Her Head

Starting point of each level.

Off With Her Head is only seen during the Dollhouse chapter and in certain Radula Rooms. After cranking a Jack in the box, a doll's head springs forth from the box and initiates a long puzzle where the player must guide a doll's head along a series of challenges and obstacles including cannons, cliffs, and other means of obstruction.


Platforms Controls
PC (keyboard)
  • Movement – W, A, S, and D
  • Charge cannons – Spacebar
  • Movement – Left stick
  • Charge cannons – X
  • Movement – Left stick
  • Charge cannons – □

Oriental Scroll[]

Oriental Scrolls bridge

Oriental Scrolls.

Oriental Scrolls, also called Shadow Path,[1] are artistic dimensions in 2D side-scrolling painting engulfed in fine Asian art styles. During this area, Caterpillar can be heard speaking of Alice's past. She must watch out for bamboo spikes, fire spitting statues, and Samurai Wasp Archers, and collect peaches. It is only available in Oriental Grove.

The aim is to dodge weaponry fire and other obstacles and make it to the other side of the scroll alive.


  • Scroll of Dark Skies
  • Scroll of Destiny
  • Scroll of Happy Times


Vale of Tears slide

A slide in the Vale of Tears.

Slides are common throughout major locations in the game. There are breakable items which contain a few Teeth, and smoldering piles of Ruin which can do some damage. Some of the slides in the later chapters require Alice to use her floating ability.


  • Cardbridge – Playing cards
  • Deluded Depths – Fish scales
  • Dollhouse – Metallic framed, slightly cracked glass panels with nails underneath
  • Hatter's Domain – Decorative metal plates
  • Oriental Grove – Porcelain with images of cranes on it
  • Queensland – Stone with one section made of playing cards or a tongue with various bodily fluids
  • Tundraful – Ice
  • Vale of Tears – Chalkboard and dominoes

Sliding puzzle[]

Sliding puzzle

Totentanz sliding puzzle.

Sliding puzzles are another type of mini-game where Alice must find the blocks to be able to re-arrange them in the correct order. These are only available in Deluded Depths, Oriental Grove, and Dollhouse.


  • Deluded Depths – Totentanz poster
  • Dollhouse – Crying boy
  • Oriental Grove – A dragon with its head on the right and its tail on the bottom and a dragon with its head on the top and its tail on the right


  • The slides in the Vale of Tears and Hatter's Domain are the only "safe" slides for Alice. The rest of the slides in the other domains have several Ruin sludge that will decrease Alice's health if she slides on it.
  • The Off With Her Head mini-game begins with a flamingo hitting the doll head. This may be a reference to the first Alice novel, in which flamingos are used a croquet mallets.


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