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Menacing Ruin
Menacing Ruin
First appearance

Hatter's Domain


Alice: Madness Returns

Melee attack

Swipe, Charge, Ground explosion

Ranged attack

Fireballs, Pepper corns

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Menacing Ruin are one of the Ruin enemies created by the Dollmaker. They are unnatural abominations made to destroy Wonderland.


Alice: Madness Returns

After receiving the mission of recovering the Mad Hatter's limbs, Alice went up to the clock face and found the Umbrella. Upon picking it up, a Menacing Ruin appeared and attacked her.[1]


They have three doll faces, two arms that protect them, and nozzles with bits of other train debris sticking out from the tops of their beings. They are large, misshapen, and have three legs made of Ruin.


  • Charge – Charges at Alice at propelled speeds.
  • Fireballs – A sequence of three fireballs are thrown at Alice.
  • Ground explosion – A Menacing Ruin can smash its fist into the ground, creating a line of explosions in whatever direction it is facing.
  • Pepper corns – If Alice keeps firing with the Pepper Grinder while the Menacing Ruin is defending, they will reflect the projectiles back at her.
  • Swipe – Menacing Ruins will swipe at Alice if she gets close.


Alice deflecting Menacing Ruin's attack

Alice deflecting a Menacing Ruin's attack.

Initially, a Menacing Ruin has its three doll faces protected with two porcelain arms. The fireballs can be easily deflected with the Umbrella to break the arms and leave the monster vulnerable. Another tactic is to use the Hobby Horse or the Teapot Cannon, as they disregard enemies' armor.

Ranged attacks are preferable, especially if other enemies are present. However, the player must be attentive if the enemy is defending, so the attacks are not reflected back at Alice. Using the Teapot Cannon can easily break off the first two heads, however, the last one may require a few more hits.

A risky, but potentially swift tactic is to keep attacking the Menacing Ruin with the Hobby Horse until they are dead.


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