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First appearance Hatter's Domain
Series Alice: Madness Returns
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The Mecha was a huge automaton controlled by March Hare and Dormouse. It was quickly defeated by the Mad Hatter after dropping a large iron kettle atop of its head, killing both the new leaders inside and throwing their bodies out of the machine.[1]


Alice: Madness Returns[]

After Alice and the Mad Hatter arrived at the main part of the factory, the Infernal Train passed through and the Dormouse and Hare appeared in a huge imposing looking mecha, taunting the pair and promising to destroy them. The Hatter became furious with them for their part in Alice's potential downfall by unleashing the Train. The two new leaders responded to his scolding by snatching him up with a hook. Hatter was able to free himself and destroy the mecha within seconds by dropping a giant teapot on it. The weight of the teapot caused March Hare and Dormouse's demise.[1]


The mecha, like many other creations in the Hatter's Domain, was made up of metal and clockwork. Its left arm was a metal fist controlled by the Dormouse, and its right arm was a drill controlled by the March Hare. The mecha was held upright by chains, which marked its weakness.


  • The Mecha was originally supposed to be a boss battle, which pounded on the terrain around Alice, and its chest was supposed to be shot at. American McGee does not entirely remember why it was removed, but he thinks it was because it was "frustrating". He notes ending the level with a boss is a cliché; the Mecha may have been a joke subversion of this trope, although many players were disappointed by its immediate defeat.[1] McGee also stated that "[they] had only one guy working on boss/enemy AI and he simply ran out of time to do everything [they had] hoped to do."[2]


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