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Mayor Elder's house
Dementia - Mayor Elder's house

Southwestern hemisphere

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American McGee's Alice

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Mayor Elder's house was the home of Mayor Elder. It was a fairly large structure which cannot be accessed.


American McGee's Alice

Mayor Elder was not in his home when Alice Liddell arrived in Dementia. However, a Torch Gnome was around to greet Alice Liddell when she passed it. The Cheshire Cat also talked to Alice and gave her more cryptic hints as to how to complete the shrinking task at hand.[1]

After the Queen of Hearts was defeated, the waters below the Mayor's abode turned clear and the Elder Gnome himself, along with Cheshire Cat and two of the Gnomes, who were now freed from the rock they were carrying, were at the front of the house.[2]


Mayor Elder's house was a fairly large house in comparison to the others. On the outside, it had a plaque indicating that it was the Mayor's home. It was built from a concrete material with green light dimming it down. The windows were awkward shapes and the door was only big enough for the Gnome population.


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