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March Hare
March Hare
Biographical information
Alias Marchy, Haigha
Provenance Wonderland
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Personal information
Allies Alice Liddell (formerly), Dormouse
Enemies Alice Liddell, Mad Hatter
Further information
Voiced by Andrew Chaikin [AMA]
Roger L. Jackson [AMR]
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Your dogged persistence will be rewarded with pain. I told you to cease and desist and my warning goes unheeded! So, without regret, you're about to feel like a lobster who's been tossed into the boiling pot.
— March Hare to Alice[1]

The March Hare, along with his friends, was having a Mad Tea-Party with Alice when the Liddell house caught fire.[3] During Alice's incarceration at Rutledge Asylum, he and the Dormouse had been victims of the insane experimentation by the Mad Hatter in Crazed Clockwork.[2]


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland[]

Tea party

March Hare during the tea party.

The March Hare spent his days at a never-ending tea party with the Dormouse and the Mad Hatter.

He was briefly shown to live in a house shaped like the head of a hare, making Alice worried that he might be "raving mad". The March Hare later appeared at the trial for the Knave of Hearts in Chapter Eleven.

Through the Looking-Glass[]

The March Hare briefly appeared as one of the two messengers that the White King used for "coming" and "going." In this incarnation, he had gone by the name of "Haigha."

American McGee's Alice[]

March Hare as one of Hatter's test subjects

The March Hare as a test subject.

The March Hare was found along with the Dormouse in an unsolvable predicament. Both of them were tied to torture instruments as the Hatter's experiments. The March Hare was tied to a machine which regularly dunked him into a liquid and then electrocuted by two large Tesla coils.

The March Hare begged Alice to free them, but she could not help them in their unfortunate state. However, upon her arrival, they discussed trivial information which was later backed up by the Gryphon. They offered Alice some paltry information on how she might be able to confront the Hatter.

He revealed that the Mad Hatter has developed a keen sense of punctuality, which was similar to the behavior of the White Rabbit, and will certainly not be late to check on his experiments at six o'clock on the dot.[2]

Alice: Madness Returns[]

The March Hare and the Dormouse had taken control of Hatter's Domain and used it to build the Infernal Train.[4] Compared to the Dormouse, the March Hare was more articulate and refined, speaking with a thick Scottish accent. His legs were replaced with mechanical legs, although his left foot was still in its original organic state, had screws grafted in his ears, had an iron plate on his head, his left arm was replaced with a mechanical arm with a large hand of the clock replacing his hand and his right eye was bugged out of its socket with a monocle magnifying the eye; a device on the monocle watered the eye and kept it from drying out.

March Hare in his control room

March Hare in his control room.

He controlled the Cranking Up and Pressing Down sector of the new industry, using dodos and the Hatter's legs in a system akin to hamster wheels in order to power his section of the factory. When Alice arrived, the Hare tried to kill her with a variety of crushing mechanisms, but she fought through the traps and managed to overload his machinery by freeing the dodos. With a path to his control room opened, the March Hare retreated into the ceiling, allowing Alice to free the Hatter's legs.[1]

After the Hatter has been completed, the Hare and Dormouse appeared in a huge mecha to fight Alice, but the mecha was destroyed almost immediately by the Hatter, killing both of them just before Hatter's domain collapsed.[5]


American McGee's Alice[]

March Hare was less mechanical and features less metallic abnormalities. However, he was extremely beaten and worn from the experiments that took place on his body. Generally, he had the appearance of a slightly more "humanoid" brown hare. His lower lip was stretched down with some sort of strap.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

His body was amended with many mechanical limbs and parts due to the torture that he underwent previously. He appeared to be wearing a white glove, similar to the White Rabbit. He was also wearing a collared white shirt adorned with a red bow tie underneath a red tartan waistcoat and a monocle with a device that watered his bugged out eye.


March Hare house

The March Hare's house.

  • As shown in The Art of Alice: Madness Returns, the March Hare was originally supposed to have a house.
  • Lewis Carroll explains the name Haigha as rhyming with "mayor".
  • It seems that the March Hare has a mechanical right arm and his real left arm with his right leg mechanical and the foot still organic in American McGee's Alice, he has it reversed in Alice: Madness Returns. He also has developed a Scottish accent and an antagonistic attitude missing from the first game.
    • The differences from the first game may be tied into the Cheshire Cat's statement that "The rules have changed." Alice has changed since the first game, and Wonderland simply changed with her.
  • Interestingly, the Hare and Dormouse seem to mix up their similes when threatening Alice. The March Hare announces that he will make Alice feel 'like a lobster that's been tossed into the boiling pot', although his primary methods of attack involve crushing. Likewise, Dormouse tells Alice that he's going to crush her, even though the Dormouse uses tanks of superheated metal to kill Alice.


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