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Majestic Maze
Majestic Maze
Location Eastern hemisphere
First appearance * Queen of Hearts Land [AMA]
  • Chapter 4 [AMR]
Series * American McGee's Alice
  • Alice: Madness Returns
Location on map
Queensland map
Further information
Next Airborne Terror [AMA]
Find the Queen. Ignore her pledge to decapitate intruders, at your peril.
Cheshire Cat

The Majestic Maze was the first section of the Queen of Hearts Land in Alice Liddell's third return to Wonderland and had been a part of Queensland in her fourth return. It represented the garden of the Queen of Hearts, and was one of most well-taken care of area in Wonderland until the Dollmaker's arrival.


American McGee's Alice[]

Majestic Maze - Tunnels

The tunnels in the maze.

The area was the first in the Queen of Hearts Land and was an extremely long and difficult maze filled with beautiful architecture and well-maintained plant life. Alice navigated through the maze and fought off Card Guards, Jabberspawns, Boojums, and Phantasmagoria. When Alice arrived at one of the heart-shaped doorways, she saw an Insane Child step on the Pressure Plate and dive into another portal. She eventually found a way to activate the Pressure Plate for her to go to the other side of the gate and use the portal that took her to Airborne Terror.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

After being chased by the Executioner throughout the Queen's castle, Alice found the entrance to the Majestic Maze. In an attempt to escape, she navigated her way through the maze and avoided the Executioner's attacks.[1] When Alice arrived at the center of the maze, she found an Eat Me cake and nibbled off a piece and grew larger in size. With her tremendous size at her advantage, the Executioner could only gape and drop his scythe before he was crushed by her boot.[2]


American McGee's Alice[]

Majestic Maze - Duchess Statue

Duchess' statue.

The maze was a stunning part of Wonderland, especially considering how far the country had decayed. It had been well-maintained, but still contained a dark appearance as it was owned by the Queen. It had many large iron fences and gates and pathways were paved with stone. There was a lot of brick work that helped define the hedges as well as many small red, heart-shaped lights. There was also some club, spade and diamond shapes scattered throughout, but those were few and far between.

Alice: Madness Returns[]

The Majestic Maze was in ruins with crumbling pillars, dead branches, and areas either blocked off by boulders or huge holes on the ground.

Residents and creatures[]

American McGee's Alice[]

  • Boojums
  • Card Guards
  • Insane Child
  • Jabberspawns
  • Phantasmagoria

Alice: Madness Returns[]


  • In American McGee's Alice, there is a statue of both the Duchess and the Mad Hatter.
  • After growing to a tremendous size and entering the Gigantic mini-game, the previously blocked pathways and huge holes on the ground of the garden are now gone.
  • While in Madness Returns the maze is a set event, in the previous game the maze was not only larger, but confusing for the players, and the possibility of evading enemies by taking alternate routes was available.


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