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First appearance Crockery
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Melee attack Double Spin
Ranged attack Lunge
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...The erstwhile Guardians of the Domain appear to be armed with outsized versions of the Hatter's cutlery. Hatter was never particularly discriminating in his guest list, but I never imagined he had giants for tea. Like many long-time retainers, their loyalty has outlasted their usefulness and their sense. Still, this "old guard" can be dangerous.
Alice Liddell

Madcaps are enemies that look like the Mad Hatter and wield forks or spoons and teapot lids. They were common in Hatter's Domain and usually appeared in large groups to attempt to overrun Alice.


After escaping the destruction of the Vale of Tears, Alice went down the tunnel and saw a pit. When she jumped down into it, several Madcaps came out of the broken teapots and also jumped down in the pit to attack her.[1]


The Madcaps appear similar to the Mad Hatter as they have green skin and large noses. They have white hair and they wear white gloves, a teapot or a tea cup as their helmet, and metal straps around their body. Half of a cogwheel is placed on their backs and a clock is strapped on front of their lower body. They brandish spoons and forks as their primary weapons and occasionally uses teapot lids as shields to defend themselves.


  • Double Spin – The Madcap will do a small spin and try to hit Alice during its first try, and will follow with another spin where it will pause to gain its momentum and hit Alice harder. The second spin leaves it temporarily dizzy and open for attack.
  • Lunge – The Madcap will jump forward to close in on Alice and slash her with its weapon.


Madcaps are somewhat more dangerous than the Insidious Ruin, as they boast marginally better speed and range. They generally try to evade Alice's attacks until an opening is spotted, after which they perform a swift lunge with their weapon. Dodging is essential to defeating them efficiently, as the Madcaps leave themselves open for a beating after an attack. Their helmets shatter when a solid attack lands on them.

A shield-bearing Madcap is immune to attacks from the front, but its lunging attack has been replaced by a slower jumping attack that sees their weapon jabbed into the ground. Not only is the attack more easily telegraphed (by the visible shaking of their weapon prior to the jump), but the resulting stab leaves the Madcap's unprotected back open, allowing Alice to quickly dispatch it. When armed with the Teapot Cannon, the Madcap's shield can be easily destroyed in a few hits.


  • The teacup or teapot helmets of Madcaps are marked with Jupiter (♃), Mercury (☿), or Neptune (♆) symbols.


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