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American McGee's Alice Wonderland
Location Eastern hemisphere
First appearance Queen of Hearts Land
Series American McGee's Alice
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Queen of Hearts Land map
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Previous Labyrinthine Revenge
Time to jump in time to jump through time... I'm dizzy.
Cheshire Cat

Machinations was the sixth and final section of Queen of Hearts Land. It was platform-based area like the previous ones, yet it did not have any enemies for Alice to defeat.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice traversed each room by jumping on the spinning cogs, pedals, and elaborate machineries while avoiding falling in the black abyss below. When she reached the final room with a gigantic, horizontal, jagged wheel, she made her way up to the portal to Royal Rage.


Machinations had three rooms filled with rusting clockwork such as huge spinning cogs and pedals. Like Airborne Terror, each room had rotting brick walls and thin windows that bled red light. The cogs and pedals were filled with rust, including the metal pillars supporting the rooms, and the ceiling for the hallways that linked each room had a wooden design. The third room had an open doorway behind the portal that connected to the first room.

Residents and creatures[]

  • None