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Lost Souls
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They may be hostile at first but their true souls are trapped. You must release them.
— The Drowned Captain to Alice Liddell about his crew[1]

The Lost Souls[2] were the crew of the Drowned Captain who were trapped in the graveyard of the Drowned Sailors. They possessed the same ability as the Drowned Sailors and only until after being rescued by Alice were they able to pass on.[1]


Alice: Madness Returns

After being asked by the Drowned Captain, Alice went to the crypts and rescue the crew members. Each member fought back at first, however, once they were defeated, their souls left their bodies and became trapped in treasure chests. Alice chased their souls down and destroyed the chests to free them. The members eventually returned to the Drowned Captain's side and thanked Alice before passing on.[1]


Before being freed, the Lost Souls initially looked similar to the Drowned Sailors. However, after returning to their Captain's side, two of the Lost Souls' hair became white and a huge x-shaped mark were on their forehead, and one Lost Soul had a red hair and wore an eyepatch. Their irises were light blue with an outer red rim.


  • Firebomb – A Lost Soul can summon two bombs and throw one at Alice in an attempt to blast her.
  • Uppercut and ground smash – A Lost Soul can burrow itself until it is below Alice to perform an uppercut, and will immediately follow with a ground smash.


Lost Souls often reveal weakness when on the offensive. Wait for the right moment to engage a Lost Soul - they remain ghostly unless attacking. Watch out for Lost Soul sneak attacks. Be prepared to Dodge quickly.


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