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Looking Glass Railway
Looking Glass Railway
Also known as Looking Glass Line
Location Wonderland
First appearance Chapter 1
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Location on map
Wonderland concept art

The Looking Glass Railway, also called Looking Glass Line, was a railway system formerly used by the inhabitants of Wonderland before the Dollmaker had taken control of it. The railway's carriages had been scattered across Wonderland, either destroyed by Ruin or had rusted over time.


Creation of the Train[]

The Mock Turtle was the stationmaster until he was fired by the Dormouse and March Hare, who overthrew the Mad Hatter and took over Hatter Industries.[1] The cyborgs were tricked into turning the Hatter's Domain into a factory to construct the Infernal Train,[2] which became the source of the Ruin causing Wonderland's corruption.

The stations all over Wonderland were destroyed by Ruin and deserted, while the Infernal Train itself had been stationed in Dollmaker's Workshop.[3]

Destruction and aftermath[]

The Train was only destroyed when Alice defeated the Dollmaker, leaving it with no conductor. After she found herself in Londerland, the Looking Glass Railway, or at least one of its towers, had merged into the side of Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth.[4]


  • Although the Looking Glass Railway has been almost completely destroyed by the time Alice: Madness Returns begins, there are several abandoned stations still seen throughout Wonderland.
  • The Looking Glass Railway is a reference to the train line in the second Alice book, Through the Looking-Glass where a strange assortment of characters board a train that Alice joins when she crosses the first brook.


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