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Looking Glass Land
Looking Glass Land
Location Northwestern hemisphere
First appearance Looking Glass Land
Series American McGee's Alice
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Looking Glass Land map
Rules? There are no rules. There's barely any strategy. No time! Make a frontal assault on the Red Castle. I won't lie to you. You'll meet deadly traps and fierce opposition along the way.
— The White King to Alice[1]

Looking Glass Land was an area of Wonderland previously ruled by the White King and White Queen. The domain was primarily based on the functions of chess, where the red side and the white side were at an eternal war. Looking Glass Land was also home to part of the Hatter's Domain, as well as Behind the Looking Glass.


Through the Looking-Glass[]

Looking Glass Land is experienced in Through the Looking-Glass.

American McGee's Alice[]

The red chess pieces despised Alice Liddell and wished to get rid of her so that the Queen of Hearts can reign over all of Wonderland. The White chess pieces patrolled the domain and allowed Alice to pass through their realm. She accomplished many puzzles and battled many Red chess pieces.[2]

Alice made her way to the White Castle when Red chess pieces exited the castle, taking the White Queen as a prisoner due to the orders of the Red King. Alice talked with the White King and he gave her a white pawn to take to his queen.[1]

Red part of Pale Realm

The red part of the Pale Realm.

Alice crossed into the Red chess pieces' part of the Pale Realm, having the same layout as the white part of the realm, although in blood red color. Eventually, Alice located the Queen, however, it was too late. She witnessed the execution of the white Queen and set out to avenge her.[3]

Alice eventually found the end of the realm, where she was forced to battle the Red King. Upon winning, due to the Promotion rule in chess, Alice used the pawn given to her by the White King to promote it to a Queen, saving the majesty and the White Kingdom. Alice was then abducted by the Mad Hatter after knocking her out and took her to his domain.[4]


Looking Glass Land - Palm Realm square

Pale Realm square.

The entire kingdom was either black and white or red and white. Most things were patterned in a checkered fashion to appear like a chess board – from the floor to the sky. Most of the structures were similar to that of structures from the Victorian period. Most were made from brick, wood, and some concrete.


American McGee's Alice[]

Looking Glass Land had four different sections:

Residents and creatures[]


  • In the demo of American McGee's Alice, the Tweedle twins were seen in this area towards the end. It is unknown whether or not that was simply to introduce them in the demo or whether it was cut content.
  • Both the Looking Glass Land and Behind the Looking Glass were collectively known as the Madhatter's Area in the Wonderland map of the old EA website.[5]


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