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In the great and awful metropolis, appetites of all sorts must be gratified.
— The Dollmaker to Alice[1]

London is the capital city of England. Alice Liddell grew up in Oxford and after the death of her family, she was transported to Rutledge Asylum, a location in London. Alice has lived in London ever since the event.


American McGee's Alice[]

After Alice had successfully defeated the Queen of Hearts,[2] Wonderland was restored and her mental state had improved. Alice was released from Rutledge Asylum, and with her sanity in tact she left with a black cat.[3]

After leaving Rutledge[]

After being released from Rutledge Asylum, Pris Witless found Alice a home and a job at the Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth. Alice was still dealing with her tragic childhood memories along with serious survivor's guilt, and also began to suffer from auditory and visual hallucinations. While working at Houndsditch, Alice was attending hypnotic therapy with Dr. Angus Bumby.[4]

Alice: Madness Returns[]

Jabberwock attack

The Jabberwock figures closing on Alice.

After a session with Bumby, he tasked Alice to pick up medicine at the pharmacist. When Alice went out of the orphanage, she saw that Moorgate Station was being built and that her route via Moorfields had been blocked, forcing her to take another path. When she arrived in Whitechapel Market, she saw a white cat and decided to follow it. She ended up in a dark alley and suddenly experienced a hallucination of several men with Jabberwock heads coming closer to her, until Pris put a hand on her shoulder, snapping her out of her hallucination. Alice was not thrilled to meet one of her former caretakers, however, Pris mentioned having information about her stuffed rabbit, forcing Alice to go to Pris' rooftop. Once there, Alice talked with Pris until she experienced a hallucination of Pris turning into a Jabberwock, the floor crumbled beneath Alice and she fell into Wonderland.[4]

Two labormen that found Alice

Alice waking up at the docks.

After drowning in tea in Hatter's Domain,[5] Alice woke up to find two fishermen who pulled her out of River Thames. She quickly left them and found the white cat again, who led her to the Mangled Mermaid. When she arrived at the whorehouse, the entrance was blocked and she had to go to the side of the establishment to find another entrance. She found Nan Sharpe arguing with Jack Splatter. Nan noticed her and told her to come up the room through the back door. Going to the back, she saw Long Tim with a stab wound and Jack had already entered the premises. Alice went to Nan's room and saw her getting beat up by Jack. She angrily told him to leave her nanny alone, however, Jack knocked her out after setting the Mangled Mermaid on fire.[6]

Nan talking to Alice

Nan Sharpe escorting Alice to Radcliffe.

Both Nan and Alice made it out alive. When Alice woke up, she saw the Mangled Mermaid burned to the ground and she was on a carriage with Nan. She asked her nanny about her rabbit and the fire but Nan refused to tell much about the incident and denied having the doll, saying that Radcliffe had it. When they arrived near Threadneedle Street, Alice went to Radcliffe's home to confront him about her rabbit. She accused him of stealing it but he dismissed her claims. When he suggested she had a much larger role in the deaths of her family, she had a psychotic episode.[7] After waking up, Radcliffe's house was completely empty and there was no sign of her rabbit.[8]

After Caterpillar broke free from his cocoon and flew into the sky as a butterfly, Alice was exposed to the blinding sunlight which beckoned her back to reality. She saw the fluttering silhouette of a butterfly on a window[9] while waking up in gaol, where the police brought her in after she had a hysterical fit in the middle of the street. She was immediately let out after regaining her consciousness[10] and when she left building, she quickly fell into another fit and entered Cardbridge.[11]

Alice's return in the asylum

Alice's return to Rutledge Asylum.

Shortly after getting angrily chastised by the Queen in her throne room for allowing the train to run amok and not seeing what was around her, she wrapped Alice in her tentacles and consumed her, sending her into a nightmare.[12] Alice found herself back in a room at Rutledge with Nurse Cratchet and Doctor Wilson. It turned out to be another hallucination, muddled with her memories during her time at the asylum, as she met the Tweedles and the Orderlies in the same room, as well as Bumby, Nan, Pris, and Radcliffe in the waiting room. Upon leaving the asylum,[13] Alice found herself in the foggy Hyde Park. She encountered a mortally wounded Insane Child, who told her that a new evil reigned, worse than the conquered Queen. The child then died, leaving Alice to proceed into the burning vision of her home and into the Dollhouse.[14]

Bumby being pushed into the train

Alice shoving Bumby onto the tracks.

Almost immediately after confronting the Dollmaker,[1] Alice, in reality, confronted Bumby at Moorgate Station. He bragged about his abuse towards the children placed in his care, making them forget everything and turning them into prostitutes.[15] When Alice destroyed the Dollmaker,[16] she finally stood up to Bumby in the real world and threatened to tell the police about his crimes. Bumby was not scared of her words as he knew that no one would believe a madwoman and simply told her to go away. Knowing that Bumby would unlikely be convicted and that she may never have another chance to seek revenge, Alice made a choice. As she was about to leave, Alice hesitated and, in her Wonderland dress, turned back and pushed him in front of an oncoming train, killing him.


London and Wonderland combining into Londerland.

As she walked out of the station, Alice walked into Londerland, where Wonderland and London had woven into one existence, and Cat told her that she cannot go home as she freed herself from the pain and suffering in reality and psychological worlds she was forced to call her home. While much devastation had fallen onto Wonderland, her memory was safe for now.[17][18]

Londerland is the edge of sanity and reality. On one hand, it is a beautiful, dazzling, and mystical place similar to the Vale of Tears, where large fungi, plants, and playthings consume the area, however, remnants of London are still apparent such as the cobblestone streets and large, grim buildings. The sky is bright blue with white clouds floating by, and in it are various floating islands. Large autumn-colored trees grow higher than any building in London besides the Big Ben clock.

Alice: Otherlands[]

Main article: A Night at the Opera

Alice found employment at the London Royal Opera House, where she worked backstage. While placing the books on the shelf, she accidentally hit a medium-sized glass marble causing it to roll into a miniature diorama of the stage and enable her to visit Richard Wagner's Otherland.


Alice's reality

Alice in one of London's slums.

It appears the part of London Alice lives in is a slum, with filthy men and women walking about carrying their business and beggars pleading for donations. Prostitutes are also the inhabitants of the slum, as well as Pris Witless, Dr. Angus Bumby, and Nan Sharpe. The area has brown-grey tones and is depicted as being polluted, crowded and noisy.

Wilton J. Radcliffe lives in a more prosperous area of London, with cleaner streets and no street riff-raff.

Notable locations[]

American McGee's Alice[]

  • Rutledge Asylum

Alice: Madness Returns[]

Alice clock tower

Alice on Pris' rooftop.

  • Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth (located on Moorfields)
  • Gaol (located on Bow Street)
  • Hyde Park
  • Moorgate Station (located on Moorfields)
  • Mangled Mermaid (located in Billingsgate)
  • Pris' Rooftop
  • Radcliffe's home (located on Threadneedle Street)
  • Rutledge Asylum

Alice: Otherlands[]

  • Royal Opera House

Notable stores[]

Alice: Madness Returns[]

Dodo sign

Evertsz Co. Unusual Specimens.

Flaming Stallion

The Flaming Stallion.

Chapter One

  • Guffaw Brothers Button Emporium
  • Kurowski Potato Merchants - Established 1862
  • Davenport Needles & Matches
  • Hardwicke's Fine Meats
  • Lillicrap & Sons Bacon Purveyors
  • Kettle & Veitch Hosiers & Glovers
  • Evertsz Co. Unusual Specimens - Est 1662 (has a Dodo on it)
  • Stratton & Co. - Clocks and Watches
  • Pipsink & Sons - Furniture
  • Theophilus Everett Horton - Clockmaker
  • The Elephant's Elbow (looks like a pub)
  • The Squid & Fox
  • The Pickled Wench
  • The Crown & Anchor
  • The Flaming Stallion (Spicy Horse reference)

Chapter Two

  • Seaman's Society
  • The Mangled Mermaid

Chapter Three

  • Chandler's (supplies items for sea voyages, hammocks, cots, boiled linseed oil, marlinespikes, paint powders, salt pork and beef, cakes of portable soup, tallow and grease, ditty bags, ropes, boatswains calls, tinderboxes, blocks, dried fruits, holystones, chains, and medicines to cure all types of things)

Notable figures[]

American McGee's Alice[]

  • Alice Liddell

Alice: Madness Returns[]

  • Alice Liddell
  • Angus Bumby
  • Fred
  • Jack Splatter
  • Nan Sharpe
  • Orphans
  • Pris Witless
  • Prison guard
  • Tim Hargrove
  • Wilton J. Radcliffe

Alice: Otherlands[]

  • Alice Liddell


  • London appears briefly in the "fiery tentacles" trailer.[19]
  • London's soundtrack is American McGee's favorite soundtrack collection from Alice: Madness Returns.[20]
  • The Clockmaker's Shop boast the name of the proprietor as Theophilus Everett Horton, a reference to two figures in history. Theophilus Carter, a cabinet maker and furniture dealer that supposedly inspired the mad hatter character in the original book and Edward Everett Horton an actor who played the mad hatter in the 1933 version of Alice in Wonderland.


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