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Alice: Madness Returns London Wonderland
Location London and Wonderland
First appearance Chapter 6
Series Alice: Madness Returns
Forgetting pain is convenient. Remembering it, agonizing. But recovering the truth is worth the suffering. And our Wonderland, though damaged, is safe in memory... for now.
Cheshire Cat to Alice[1]

Londerland is London and Wonderland combined. These two worlds are blurred together in Alice Liddell's mind after successfully killing Dr. Angus Bumby at Moorgate Station.[1]


Alice: Madness Returns[]

After realizing the truth, Alice confronted Dr. Angus Bumby for his crimes at Moorgate Station.[2] He mocked her and told her to go away as he claimed that nobody will believe a story of a former lunatic. Believing that it may be her only chance for revenge, when she was about to leave, she turned around and swiped her sister's key from his hand and pushed him in front of an incoming train. She left the station afterwards and found herself in Londerland: the border between her sanity and delusions. Cheshire Cat remarked that she cannot go home as she freed herself from the pain and suffering in both her real and psychological worlds she was forced to call her home and that her memory was safe for now.[1]


Alice in Londerland

Alice in Londerland.

Londerland is on the edge of fantasy and reality. On one hand, it is a beautiful, dazzling, and mystical place similar to the Vale of Tears, where large fungi, plants, and playthings consume the area, however, remnants of London are still apparent such as the cobblestone streets and large, grim buildings. The sky is bright blue with white clouds floating by, and in it are various floating islands. Large autumn-colored trees grow higher than any building in London besides the Big Ben clock.


  • Londerland is mostly influenced by the Vale of Tears rather than the whole Wonderland itself. Looking Glass Railway in Vale is seen, as well as its lush flora and trademark floating landmasses.
  • The nature of Londerland and the question of its reality is deliberately left unclear. Although the games hint quite strongly that all of the magical elements of Wonderland are solely within Alice's head, it is hinted that Londerland is either Alice's now-optimistic perspective of London or evidence of continuing psychosis.
  • There are several instances where Wonderland could be interpreted to have an influence on the outside world. For example, the Mad Hatter is able to detect and warn Alice of the fire while she is asleep, Alice is able to escape from Rutledge Asylum seemingly due to the impingement of Wonderland itself, and Bumby exhibits shock and seems to have seen Alice's Classic dress materialize on her before she kills him. Based on this, it is also possible that Londerland is a real, physical manifestation of Wonderland within London and not in her mind like before.
  • Another possibility is that Bumby saw her as her wonderland self because she unlocked some kind of telepathy (further supported by otherland's premise of entering the minds of others) and thus she altered his otherland by projecting her wonderland appearance on to him.


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