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A lever in Hatter's Domain.

Levers are a type of machine that Alice Liddell needs to activate to be able to continue through an area in Wonderland.


Levers must be pulled by Alice to activate certain events or reveal hidden paths to be able to pass through an area. There are two type of levers: one with a handle and one with a pull chain. However, both types have the same purpose.

Type and design by location[]

The designs of the levers differs from place to place to fit in with each domain.

Hatter's Domain[]

  • A lever mounted on a steampunk-styled teapot. The teapot acts as if it is boiling, with the lid moving with the pressure of the steam, until Alice moves the handle.

Oriental Grove[]

  • A jade statue of a koi fish standing on its tail, with a chain handle coming out of its mouth.


  • A stone chain lever with a red melting candle resting on top.
  • A black levers mounted onto a beating glowing heart. When the handle is pulled, the heart stops beating and it no longer glows.


  • A pink and green lever mounted on clock-like device, but the clock face has been replaced with a large eye, and the swinging pendulum features a pair of lips. The eye will follow Alice around when she is near it, and when see pulls from handle, the pendulum will stop swinging.
  • A lever with a hand, mounted on a metal case with a glass front, filling with liquid. A doll head with an exposed brain can be seen floating in the case. The case is lit up with a dim light, but the light will turn off when Alice moves the switch.

Other variations[]


The Switch[1][nb 1] performs the same function as the lever and more. It activates certain events, opens doors or gates, or can be used in the puzzle found in Beyond the Wall.


  • The Deluded Depths is the only domain not to have any form of levers.
  • The doll head's eyes will watch Alice when she's nearby.
  • Hookahs also act as a form of lever as they bring up platforms, but they must be smoked from to be activated and they do not possess handles. Pressure Pads are also similar to levers, but are more like buttons.



  1. It is important to note that the strategy guide has been known to contain several mistakes with regard to the names, since the author was not part of the production team. Hence, the term "Switch" is a non-fully canon terminology.