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Lava Man
Lava Man
First appearance Land of Fire and Brimstone
Series American McGee's Alice
Melee attack Arms
Ranged attack Fireballs
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Lava Men are large, brutish enemies made of the lava that flooded most of Wonderland. They remain dormant unless provoked by Alice Liddell. When provoked, they will climb out of the lava and their movement will become slower the longer they remain out of the lava until they stop moving altogether.

They are particularly dangerous as they are able to blast fireballs at Alice, which sets her on fire and deals quite a lot of damage. Lava Men can also take quite a bit of damage themselves.


American McGee's Alice[]

After conversing with Gryphon, Alice climbed up the mountain beside the lava pool and found a cavern that also contained a lot of enemies inside. She encountered a Lava Man in the upper floor of the cavern when she provoked it.[1]


Lava Men are large lava-infused creatures that have a yellow-orange tint to their bodies. For the most part, they take the upper part of a human figure. They are fairly paced creatures until they are away from lava for too long. The cold of Wonderland cools them slowly until they turn to rock. They also leave a trail of lava splotches.


  • Arms – Lava Men can utilize their upper limbs to prevent Alice from dodging the fireballs.
  • Fireballs – Lava Men throws fireballs at Alice that deals a lot of damage and can set her on fire.


Alice battles Lava Man

Alice battling a Lava Man.

Other than fire balls, Lava Men often stretch their lumbering arms at Alice, making it harder to dodge than the fireballs and has a small chance of inflicting fire damage. Once a Lava Man solidifies, he will be unable to stretch his arms at Alice and will decrease to a short ranged melee attack instead. The Ice Wand is the recommended weapon to defeat Lava Men.



The Lava Man can be set on fire by the Jackbomb, despite being made of fire himself.