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Labyrinthine Revenge
Labyrinthine Revenge
Location Eastern hemisphere
First appearance Queen of Hearts Land
Series American McGee's Alice
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Queen of Hearts Land map
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Previous Water Logged
Next Machinations

Labyrinthine Revenge was the fifth section of the Queen of Hearts Land. It was a platform-based level filled with enemies that Alice needed to defeat to pass through the area.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice arrived on top of a high tower surrounded by lava. She made her way through by jumping on the large cogwheels to get to the turbine room after defeating two Fire Imps. She reached another room with two gigantic spinning wheels after going up the ramps and jumped through the wheels' gaps, arriving at a steam room with a control panel guarded by an Automaton. She continued on and scaled up the ramps to get to the whirlpool room with a Jabberspawn. After bypassing the enemy, the next area was a garden maze with several enemies such as the Card Guards and more Jabberspawns. The end of the maze was an entrance to a red-brick tunnel leading to another room with bellows and a huge spinning gear that restricted her path with its cogs as it slowly spun forward.

After passing another hallway with an Automaton, she reached a room with Steam Vents and more spinning gears. She traversed the area upwards to arrive at a door leading to another maze filled with more enemies. Once she had successfully passed the two pairs of barriers at the edge of the maze, she reached a ramp that led to an area with three Steam Vents of differing heights. She leaped on the first Vent and continued to glide onto the succeeding Vents to reach the high ledge. When she came at the top, she went through the door at the end of the hallway and found her path blocked by three spinning gears. She walked between each gap to reach the portal to Machinations.


Labyrinthine Revenge was an amalgamation of different areas such as the huge pipes and gears from the factory in Behind the Looking Glass, as well as the towering hedges and suit-themed maze design of the Majestic Maze.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Automaton
  • Boojum
  • Card Guard
  • Fire Imp
  • Jabberspawn