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Killer Mushroom
Killer Mushroom
First appearance Dry Landing
Series American McGee's Alice
Melee attack Gnaw
Ranged attack Spore, inhale
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These innocent-looking fungi spring to life when you get too close, immediately sucking you into their jaws.
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Killer Mushrooms are common enemies which took on the appearance of corrupt living mushrooms. They tend to blend into their surroundings as until provoked they remain inanimate, resembling the vale around them, and once Alice is close enough they may draw her in with an extremely powerful breathe-in mechanic. Afterwards, their teeth should be revealed in order to attempt to chew up and spit out Alice. They can also spit out poisonous spores.


American McGee's Alice[]

Killer Mushrooms appeared to Alice in the forestry region of the Vale of Tears.


Fungiferous Flora - Killer Mushrooms

A group of Killer Mushrooms.

The mushrooms take the appearance of regular fungi which can be found, however they are extremely large in size due to the fact Alice has been shrunk. It has a white base and a brown top with decaying yellow teeth that have a blood stain on the end of some. They have eyes which appear to be scrunched up and angry.


  • Toxic Spore – The mushroom shoots out a toxic spore that can deal damage. Alice may dodge these with ease.
  • Inhale – The mushroom creates a wind that draws Alice in. To avoid contact, Alice must attempt to run quickly in the other direction of the wind.
  • Gnaw – The mushroom chews on Alice when it has captured her and will spit her out. However, it will continue to do this by remixing the attack with the inhale if Alice does not make a quick getaway in time.