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Ken Wong
Ken Wong
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Ken Wong is an Australian artist, illustrator and designer, who primary works in the games industry. He is currently working as an art director for the Shanghai-based game development company, Spicy Horse and has worked on a number of their titles, including Alice: Madness Returns.


Wong has done visualization and art direction work as a freelancer artist for a range of clients. Some of his work has appeared in the Spectrum and Exposé art annuals, and he has spoken about art and his work at the Animex Animation and Games festival in the UK, and the Red Stick Festival in Baton Rouge.

Before joining Spice Horse, Wong was a fan of the 2000 title American McGee's Alice, and had produced a number of fan works for the game, including a short, online illustrated "prequel" entitled The Tangle Box, which won second prize in a Alice fansite competition.

After his piece Mercury Girl (2001) - showing the game's protagonist Alice Liddell wearing the hat of the Mad Hatter - was published in a doujinshi fan book, Wong was contact by American McGee, who after seeing the piece wanted to hire Wong as one of his artists. Wong is still currently working for McGee at Spicy Horse, mostly producing concept art and overseeing all art development for the various titles.

Media and inspiration[]

Most of Wong's pieces begin as linework in traditional media, and are later colored digitally. He had said to take influence from Gustav Klimt, Mike Mignola, Shaun Tan, Moebius, Zdzislaw Beksinski and James Jean, as well as the music of the Smashing Pumpkins.


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