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Just Desserts
Just Desserts
Location Southwestern hemisphere
First appearance Vale of Tears
Series American McGee's Alice
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Previous Hollow Hideaway
Next Wholly Moral Ground
Come closer my little chick... Mmmm, properly seasoned, you'd make a handsome dish.
— The Duchess to Alice

Just Desserts was the third section of the Vale of Tears. It was Alice's first true boss battle between the Duchess that took place in the home of Bill McGill.


American McGee's Alice[]

After Alice was forcefully dragged into the house, she arrived at a long corridor that took her into a small room. The room had a table, a fireplace, and several portraits on the walls. Alice found the Jackbomb on the table, and once she collected it, the Duchess came down the chimney with the Pepper Grinder in hand.

Alice fought the Duchess, and after being intoxicated by the pepper, the Duchess sneezed and sniveled. On the final sneeze, her head blew up and killed her instantly. Bill McGill and the Mock Turtle arrived shortly after, and thanked Alice for the work she had done. The table was then revealed to go underwater, and as long as Alice stayed with the Turtle, she was able to breathe underwater with the use of his bubbles. They both head off to the Wholly Moral Ground.


Just Desserts - Hallway

Murky, damp corridors.

The house was built with decayed and bent wood, creating dirty walls and crooked stairs. The walls were a disgusting green color and the fireflies acted as lamps on them. The floor was muddy and rocky, while the fireplace was built from stone.

The house consisted of only one room, which had a few bookshelves with various items on them. Its doorways also had gates, which closed down to seal the area shut.

Residents and creatures[]

  • Bill McGill
  • Duchess
  • Mock Turtle


  • The Duchess being up the chimney may be a nod to the fact that when Alice grew big inside the White Rabbit's house, she stuck her limbs up and through various holes and crevices. Bill was sent down the chimney to investigate, however, he was kicked back up again by Alice.