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John Tenniel
John Tenniel
Biographical information
Born February 28, 1820
Bayswater, London, England
Died February 25, 1914
London, England
Provenance London
Age 85 (deceased)
Physical description
Gender Male
Personal information
Occupation Illustrator
Notable works Wonderland novels
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John Tenniel was the original illustrator of the Wonderland novels. He himself was a British cartoonist of political satire during the Victorian Era. He worked with Charles Dodgson on the designs of the characters, some of them themselves burlesques of political figures, such as the Queen of Hearts being Queen Victoria herself.


Tenniel was born in Bayswater, London, on February 28, 1820 and lived until he was 93. Throughout his early life, he was condition to suit his career choice, although he became a probationer of the Royal Academy. His artistic career began in 1836 when he sent an illustration to an exhibition featured in the Society of British Artists. He notably created a 16-foot (4.9m) cartoon titled "An Allegory of Justice" to a design competition for the mural decoration of the new Westminster Palace. From this, he received £200 premium and was later commissioned to paint a fresco for the Upper Waiting Hall (or Hall or Poets) which resides in the House of Lords.

In 1840, it was known that Tenniel was an avid fencer. While practicing the sport with his father, he received a serious injury sustained from his father coil to his eye. The injury was severe as the foil had lost its protective tip. Although it was an immediate, Tenniel gradually lost vision in his injured eye and notably never spoke of this to his father as he did not wish to upset him more than had been.


  • In Through the Looking-Glass, Tenniel himself appeared in Chapter 8 It's My Own Invention as the White Knight's appearance was based on him.
  • In Alice: Madness Returns, the specific theatrical cut-scenes (2-D cinematics) were influenced by Tenniel's original illustrations from the books.[1]


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