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American McGee's Alice Wonderland
Location Mirror Image
Based on Jacks (or Knucklebones)
Assigned key 6
Series American McGee's Alice
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This simple game can turn distinctly nasty. Don't ever play alone.
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The Jacks are one of Alice Liddell's weapons that have two uses, both of which are ranged.


American McGee's Alice[]

The Jacks were first found in the Mirror Image when Alice wandered through the interiors of the funhouse. Throughout the mirrors and broken glass, she eventually came in contact with them and these became useful against new enemies in the area.[1]


The Jacks are a powerful weapon that deals with multiple hit. It does not take up much of Alice's willpower, and enables the player to use other weapons as the Jacks deals damage.

The combination of solid damage and low Will requirement, provide their primary benefit for softening tough enemies with strong resistance, like the automatons for instance.

The Jacks have two attacks:

  • Primary – Alice throws the Jacks in front of her and they bounce against the opponents, cutting them in the process.
  • Secondary – Alice forcefully throws the Jacks at an opponent.

Upon impact with a surface they bounce back to hit their target again, dealing damage as long as their timer expires. As such using them in a more narrow space could provide with greater results, or doing a maneuver of posting an ice wall from the Ice Wand's secondary attack right next to an enemy to emulate this effect, potentially of use for bosses, although this can be tricky.


The Jacks take on the appearance of regular playing jacks, being red in color rather than chrome. The only difference is that Alice's Jacks have two sharpened arms to deal extra damage towards her enemies. The attack also included a red bouncy ball which directed where the Jacks must go.