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Based on Jack-in-the-box
Assigned key 4
Series American McGee's Alice
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Jack's a friend, but his temperment is explosive, maybe best to let him play by himself.
Cheshire Cat

The Jackbomb is one of Alice's weapons. It is first found right before Alice begins her battle with the Duchess. It can later be found in Icy Reception. Like all weapons besides the Vorpal Blade, it uses up willpower.


American McGee's Alice[]

After a confrontation with Bill McGill, she was dragged into his home forcefully by an unknown power. Upon arriving, Alice was confronted by a hall with no doors, leading her to a small room with a fireplace, a few picture frames, and a table with no chairs. Upon jumping onto the table to get the Jackbomb, Alice jumped straight off and the room began to shake as it triggered the arrival of the Duchess. The walls of the room flail out and the Duchess approached Alice through the fireplace with the Pepper Grinder in hand.[1]


Jackbomb official image

The Jackbomb opened.

The Jackbomb has two different attacks, one of which is primary and the other which is secondary. Her primary attack is using it as a bomb, detonating slightly after Alice throws it and it hits the ground. Alternatively, Alice can throw it so as it opens it twirls its head around slowly, spitting out flame, and then explodes.

It's use is similar to that of a grenade, it disposes of clustered enemies, with the primary attack dealing less overall but more immediate damage, and the secondary dealing more overall, but less immediate damage. Therefore the primary may be used in open combat in combination with the jacks to deal siginificant punishment. While the secondary can be thrown in a more narrow space, like a small room or a corridor, after closing the exit with the secondary trigger of the Ice Wand, and throwing the Jackbomb between the small gap, disposing of many enemies with minimal effort.


The Jackbomb is a small box which Alice can hold with only one hand. It has a small handle on the very top for easy transportation and a handle on its side which can be wound before use.

The box itself is a mucky yellow color and has grim red shapes and symbols painted on each side. The handle has a small knob at the very end which is green in color. Upon detonation, the box sprouts a small toy in the shape of a joker, which has a tube flowing out if its open mouth; spitting fire where ever it turns.


Jackbomb sketch

Jackbomb sketch.

  • Alice drew a sketch of the Jackbomb for Heironymous Q. Wilson.
  • Cheshire's quote alludes to the fact that the Jackbomb can damage Alice (usually by setting her on fire along with everything else during its flamethrower attack).
  • If Alice has equipped the Jackbomb, her idle animation includes her standing on the box, pretending to look around while on top of it.