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Jack Splatter
Jack Splatter
Biographical information
Provenance London
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Personal information
Enemies Alice Liddell
Occupation Procurer
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Get those fat-arsed whores out on the street or I'll come up and brain ya.
— Jack Splatter to Nan Sharpe[1]

Jack Splatter is a sexually frustrated pimp and criminal who was a frequent visitor to the Mangled Mermaid, who also holds a grudge against Nan Sharpe for not offering enough "services" for his pay.[1] He views Nan as his "property."


Alice: Madness Returns[]

Jack Splatter was seen recruiting prostitutes in London as Alice went outside of Houndsditch, telling a woman that prostitution was like a real job, better than many other jobs like changing diapers, can make someone happy, and akin to "saving the world 10 minutes at a time." He had even offered Alice a job instead of her work at the orphanage.[2]

After waking up at the docks, Alice made her way to the Mangled Mermaid and witnessed a heated argument between Jack and Nan Sharpe, in which Jack demanded Nan give him a prostitute, while Nan demanded payment. After Nan mentioned he would not be getting past Long Tim, Jack swore that he would get what he wanted, and went to the back door of the pub that was guarded by Long Tim.[1] Tim tried to stop Jack[3] but ended up getting stabbed and killed with a cleaver.[1]

Jack beating up Nan

Jack looming over Nan.

Jack proceeded to Nan's room to beat her up. Shortly after he arrived, Alice walked into the room to witness Nan sobbing on the floor. It is unclear if Nan was weeping because Jack already hit her, or because he was about to. Alice tried to defend her former nanny, claiming Nan has done no harm. Jack retorted Nan hurt his feelings, then knocked Alice unconscious, which sent her into Wonderland. Jack set the establishment on fire with a lantern in the room.[1]

During one night, where Alice had an episode of mania on the streets, the police had caught up to Jack and arrested him for Long Tim's murder. They were impressed by Alice's rant against his fiendish ways, until she passed out.[4]


Jack punches Alice

Jack punching Alice unconscious.

Jack becomes angry with Nan whenever she withholds her pay from him. He has an extremely short temper and is prone to violent outbursts.[1]


  • Jack's nickname for Nan is "Ladybird".[1]
  • When chasing the white cat in the first level of the game, Jack can be seen and heard talking to a prostitute about his "business."[2]
  • The weapon Jack used to kill Long Tim at the Mangled Mermaid was the Vorpal Cleaver.[1]
  • Considering his name, the era he's living in, his connections with Nan's whorehouse and prostitution, he could be a creative allusion to Jack the Ripper, or actually be intended to be Jack the Ripper in the game's universe.
  • John Tenniel, the artist that drew the illustrations for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, also drew political drawings and posters about Jack the Ripper and the incompetence of the police not finding him. Whether this was all intentional by American McGee is not known.


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