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Jabberwock's Lair
Jabberwock's Lair
Location Eastern hemisphere
First appearance Land of Fire and Brimstone
Series American McGee's Alice
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Land of Fire and Brimstone map
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Previous Burning Curiosity
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The Jabberwock's Lair was the second section of the Land of Fire and Brimstone. It took place within the Wonderland incarnation of the Liddell household, and was the battleground for the first fight between Alice and the Jabberwock.


American McGee's Alice[]

Alice first encountered the Jabberwock inside a burning manifestation of her former home in the Land of Fire and Brimstone. Inside the lair, the Jabberwock cruelly tormented Alice verbally, placing her at blame for the fire and the death of her family, before facing her in combat. With the help of the Gryphon, Alice managed to wound Jabberwock, stabbing out one of his eyes. Although the beast fled with his life, Alice claimed his lost eye as the final piece of the Eye Staff.


Jabberwock's Lair appears as a giant incarnation of Alice's burning house.

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